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Technology to support energy companies as they transition to a more sustainable future

Thoughtworks Finland believes in the power of technology to support energy companies as they transition to a more sustainable future. We understand the importance of sustainability in an industry which is transforming rapidly. Our experience teaches us that technology can be used to enhance customer relationships, accelerate innovation, revolutionize supply chains and take part in the circular economy.

We create business value by helping in:


  • Bringing technology into the core of your company
  • Developing your approach to new opportunities
  • Driving changes in the mindset of your organization


New technologies such as artificial intelligence and data mesh have the potential to support the further development of renewable energy sources and bring greater sustainability to the production and distribution of traditional sources such as oil and gas.


When energy and chemical resources need to be managed more carefully than ever before, Thoughtworks can help to underpin your business strategy with the meaningful application of technology and data insights that drive change.

Data-driven organization and decision making

Data Mesh

An analytical data architecture and operating model where data is treated as a product and owned by teams that most intimately know and consume the data.

Creating Business Value with Data Mesh

Discussing the benefits of using a decentralized approach to data in this new white paper by Harvard Business Review Analytic Serviced in association with Thoughtworks.

AI Augmented

A family of novel decision-making approaches that go beyond the common computer-centric AI paradigm to solve organizations’ most difficult problems.

Sustainability in the supply chain

Greater transparency in your indirect supply chains

Technology as a powerful tool to plan, optimize, execute and report progress on sustainability initiatives. 

Transforming sustainability in your supply chain

Taking a decision science approach to sustainability in enterprise supply chains.

Towards net zero: technology as a sustainability enabler

An effectively executed sustainability strategy can help you mitigate the risks of operating in an uncertain future.

Optimized customer experience

Transforming customer experience inside and out

In this report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Thoughtworks, we examine the biggest barriers to optimal CX delivery.    

Starting small and winning big: bp’s customer-centric innovation journey

How a fresh approach to transformation helped bp reinvent itself in line with new customer demands and open up customer-centric innovation. 

Creating a seamless automotive ecosystem with single customer identities

Bring digital experiences in line with your leading services and make every customer’s journey simple, seamless, and satisfying.

Meet our team

Patrick Kuster

Head of Demand, Thoughtworks Finland 

Jonne Heikkinen

Managing Director, Thoughtworks Finland 

Artiom Troyanovsky

Machine Learning Consultant, Thoughtworks Netherlands

Oege Dijk

Lead Machine Learning Engineer, Thoughtworks Netherlands

Ashish Khatke

Senior Data Scientist, Thoughtworks Finland 

Mariia Bogdanova

Data Scientist, Thoughtworks Finland 

Aili Asikainen

Senior Data Scientist, Thoughtworks Finland

Niina Tuikka

CX, Product & Design Lead, Thoughtworks Finland

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