Free to choose your path
Free to choose your path

Grads and career changers

Whether you are a recent graduate or a mid-career changer, we’ll start you off on the right foot. Our entry-level program gets you ready for life as a ThoughtWorker. We embrace students of all disciplines and people switching into tech careers — all you need is love for technology and a passion for learning.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Getting Going: ThoughtWorks University

Your adventure begins at a TWU campus in India or China. Never been there? We'll help you get prepared.

Happy ThoughtWorkers
Happy ThoughtWorkers

You’ll spend five weeks with ThoughtWorkers from around the world, discovering our values, practices and principles, and hearing all the best stories.

TWU is an intensive, hands-on experience, where you’ll learn how to build working software from week one. It’s all about getting you ready to take on the challenges our clients face with confidence. And setting you up with a ready-made global network of friends and mentors.

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