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24 Apr 2018

Careers & Culture

Techie to tech lead: My five biggest mistakes

Peter Gillard-Moss

19 Apr 2018

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Our thoughts on the House of Lords AI Select Committee report on AI

Dave Elliman and Mark Brand

17 Apr 2018

Agile Project Management

Pursuing business value

Alexandre Klaser

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ThoughtWorks Announces First Female Head of Technology for Southeast Asia and Takes Home Gold at Asia Recruitment Awards

ThoughtWorks Singapore honoured for best-in-class recruitment and talent management practices

ThoughtWorks Brings Technical Women Back to Work with Vapasi 2018

Enabling experienced women developers to re-enter the world of programming

Chennai Tricolor Initiative Releases Mobile App to Find Your Ward No. and Connect with Local Initiatives

Initiative partners with ThoughtWorks to enable citizen participation in their own governing