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Bringing tech-led business changes into focus


Technology's pace of change can be dizzying; the impact on your business hard to fathom. Here's where Thoughtworks Looking glass comes in.


As a digital transformation consultancy, it’s important for Thoughtworks to stay ahead of technology trends so we can help our clients create a strategic advantage for their business. Our global network of consultants and clients ensures that we see a broad picture of what’s coming, how soon, and the likely impacts. In this report we share our insights, giving the outside world a glimpse into part of what allows us to transform businesses through leading-edge technology.


The Looking Glass includes over 100 individual technology trends; to make sense of these we’ve created “lenses” through which to view them. Our lenses help you focus on what these trends mean for your enterprise and how you need to prepare. The lenses can be used individually, or combined to create additional perspectives and prompt new avenues of investigation and lines of thinking.


The report highlights the opportunities that can be seen through each lens, as well as signals you can use to gauge how fast something is approaching. We categorize each of the 100 trends in two dimensions: the time horizon, and our recommended strategic response — adopt, analyze, or anticipate. We hope this report can help you to identify the most important trends impacting your business today and in the future. 

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