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IoT: Connecting to the business opportunity

The Internet of Things (IoT) has seen remarkable growth as more businesses look to leverage connectivity and data to drive efficiency, automate critical operations and enhance visibility over their assets. This edition of Perspectives explores where IoT projects most often go wrong - and the steps enterprises can take to ensure they deliver.

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Ethical technology: From purpose to practice

As technology becomes more and more central to what businesses do, they need to learn how to approach and apply technology in an ethical way - or risk losing the trust of customers and the battle for future talent.

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Navigating Cloud: The key to resilience, in crisis and beyond

If businesses needed a reminder of how critical it is to be able to act quickly amid volatile conditions, the coronavirus pandemic has certainly provided it. With the outbreak upending business models and demand patterns virtually overnight, it has been the organizations with flexible technology architectures and processes who have been best equipped to pivot and adapt to change.

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