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Thoughtworks Finland team
Thoughtworks Finland team

Thoughtworks Finland

With our base in the center of Helsinki, Thoughtworks Finland offers expertise within data science, machine learning, data engineering and architecture, as well as software engineering, strategy and design. Backed by a leading global organization, we bring the core of Thoughtworks’ 30 years of experience, commitment to sustainability and social justice, responsible tech and pioneering solutions to the Nordics. Working with Fortune-500 companies, our team has the knowledge for solving our clients’ toughest challenges and building organizational resilience to navigate the future. Thoughtworks has been present in Finland since the 2021 acquisition of Fourkind.

Our client's experience from working with us

We literally looked all over the world for a company who truly understand data in a modern context, and found no one matching our own data competence and the demands we have for a future data strategy and architecture with data as core asset. Then we found Thoughtworks. Problem solved.
CDO of a leading Nordic energy company

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Meet the team

Patrick Kuster

Head of Demand Nordics

I am an experienced Business Development, Strategy and Marketing executive and  head up Demand for Thoughtworks in Finland . Before joining Thoughtworks, I have created and delivered growth strategies for Data, AI, SaaS and Digital Twin companies in London, NYC, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and, most recently, in Helsinki. I am passionate about creating sustainable business growth, innovation through intra- and entrepreneurship and building diverse, successful teams.


I believe that in today’s data- and tech-driven market, success belongs to those who continuously learn from customers and translate their requirements into commercially viable solutions – working closely together with partners, investors and the wider stakeholder community.

Lauri Anttila

Head of Technology Nordics

As a tech generalist, I have spent over 20 years navigating the space between business and IT, seeking the most effective solutions for companies in need. Before entering the world of IT consulting in 2015, I gained broad experience through internal development roles in the energy sector, manufacturing, and logistics.


Leveraging my extensive knowledge in enterprise architecture, ERP solutions, and in-house IT operations, I advocate for a balanced approach that prioritizes both security and user experience.

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