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Culture insights

Culture Insights

Career journeys, interviewing tips, reflections on inclusivity,
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Thoughtworker stories

Rohit: hosting art classes in India

A lifelong artist, Rohit decided to share his love of design and creativity with Thoughtworkers in India by hosting virtual art classes during lockdown.

Thoughtworks together app

Joining a new company mid-lockdown is a tricky experience, so when Jéssica and Arthur joined Thoughtworks, they built an app to help all Thoughtworkers feel more connected.

Antonio: 3D printing PPE for healthcare workers

A self-taught printer, Antonio went from 3D printing board game pieces to creating PPE for essential workers in Madrid. This is Antonio’s story of giving back during lockdown.

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Meet Mushtaq

Sometimes a professional detour is what leads to our most fulfilling work. Learn more about Mushtaq Ahmed's inspiring transition from doctor to 'Mr. Scala.’ 

Meet María

A simple question helped ignite María Fernanda Escudero's desire to become a technologist. Discover how she's now inspiring others.

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