27 Sep 2016

Social Justice

How Technologists Can Support Non-Profit Organizations

Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez and Rae Abileah

22 Sep 2016


The SIMPLE Answer to Digital Strategy

Steve Duesbury

20 Sep 2016

Global Health

Digitizing Medical Stock Management in Resource-Constrained Countries

Danni Yu

15 Sep 2016

Financial Services

Is FinTech a Threat to Financial Orthodoxy?

Chris Montaño and Ross Pettit

8 Sep 2016

Global Health

Partnering With a Hospital for and by the Adivasis

Gayathri Rao

6 Sep 2016


Leadership in the Age of Complexity

Craig Gorsline

27 Aug 2016


Platforms for Growth: Connecting Digital Strategy to Technology

Giles Alexander, Lloyd Shanks and Natalie Drucker

23 Aug 2016


Treat DevOps Stories like User Stories

Abigail Bangser

18 Aug 2016

Technology Strategy

Building Reliable Digital Operations

Dan McClure and Jim Highsmith

18 Aug 2016

Financial Services

Blockchain: Under the Hood

Justin Ramos

12 Aug 2016


AppSec101: Welcoming all Roles to the World of Security

Jack Singleton

11 Aug 2016

Experience Design

Discovery from Day One

Dan Mutton

10 Aug 2016

Financial Services

Out of the Echo Chamber: To Build Trust, Deliver Value

Prashant Gandhi

4 Aug 2016


Q&A: Trends, Technology and the State of Retail

Giles Alexander

4 Aug 2016


The Segment of One: Why the Shattered Future of Media is Here

Dianne Black

3 Aug 2016


Open Letter to David Kalisch of the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Tom Sulston

1 Aug 2016

Global Health

Implementing a Shared Health Record Platform in Rural Bangladesh

Arun Velayutham Selvaraj

28 Jul 2016

Financial Services

Blockchain for Grown-Ups: The Multiverse is Coming

Prasanna Pendse and Ross Pettit

28 Jul 2016

Agile Project Management

Pairing, Are You Doing it Wrong?

Ryan Oglesby

26 Jul 2016


Digital Strategy is Dead

Steve Duesbury

13 Jul 2016


Inflection Points

Jim Highsmith, Mike Mason and Neal Ford

12 Jul 2016

Continuous Delivery

5 Traits of a Good Delivery Pipeline

Marcos Brizeno

6 Jul 2016

Global Health

A Visual Journey of How Bahmni is Used

Amira A . Pettus