28 Jul 2016

Financial Services

Blockchain for Grown-Ups: The Multiverse is Coming

Prasanna Pendse and Ross Pettit

28 Jul 2016

Agile Project Management

Pairing, Are You Doing it Wrong?

Ryan Oglesby

27 Jul 2016


Digital Strategy is Dead

Steve Duesbury

13 Jul 2016


Inflection Points

Jim Highsmith, Mike Mason and Neal Ford

12 Jul 2016

Continuous Delivery

5 Traits of a Good Delivery Pipeline

Marcos Brizeno

6 Jul 2016

Global Health

A Visual Journey of How Bahmni is Used

Amira A . Pettus

5 Jul 2016


Incorporating Security Best Practices into Agile Teams

Chelsea Komlo and Maria Gomez

30 Jun 2016

Global Health

Beyond Inceptions: Aligning with the Social Sector

Kristina Lugo

23 Jun 2016


IoT: First the Hype, Then the Plumbing

Mat Henshall

8 Jun 2016


The Amazing Journey of Tramchester, an Award-Winning Mobile App

Suzie Prince

3 Jun 2016


For Women in Tech, Ageism is Getting Old

Roseanne Malfucci

2 Jun 2016

Experience Design

My Learnings from HxRefactored 2016

Victoria Ayo

1 Jun 2016

Financial Services

Is Technology the Answer to Reducing Financial Exclusion?

Prashant Gandhi

1 Jun 2016


It’s Time to Discard Digital

Mike Biggs

27 May 2016


[Podcast] Build Pipelines as Code with LambdaCD

Klaus Fleerkötter

25 May 2016

Experience Design

User Research Will Destroy Your Product

Ted Nielsen

24 May 2016


Born for it: How the Image of Software Developers Came About

Birgitta Böckeler

19 May 2016

Data Science & Engineering

Agile Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence in Action

Mauricio Murillo

19 May 2016

Financial Services

8 Fintech Trends to Watch

Aneesh Lele and Anupam Kundu

16 May 2016


[Podcast] Open Source as a Virtuous Byproduct

Badrinath Janakiraman, Martin Fowler, Mike Mason and Rebecca Parsons

12 May 2016


Women in Work and the Tech Industry

Jackie Kinsey

5 May 2016

Technology Strategy

Open Source Drives a Virtuous Loop for Innovation

Mike Mason

3 May 2016

Software Testing

5 Reasons Why Test Automation Can Fail

Torsten Leibrich