16 May 2019

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Empowerment

David Johnston

13 May 2019

Career Hacks

[Episode 4] A day in the life of a ThoughtWorks' Client Principal

Jal Singh

6 May 2019


Test Driven Development is the best thing that has happened to software design

Arek Torczuk

30 Apr 2019

Data Science & Engineering

The business case for AI: Making it real and ethical

Anna Gudmundson

24 Apr 2019


Getting more underrepresented minorities into tech

Nikki Jones

24 Apr 2019


How programming languages have evolved

Rebecca Parsons

24 Apr 2019


Macro trends in the tech industry | April 2019

Mike Mason

23 Apr 2019


The Tech Radar Summit — a view from the ground

Gareth Morgan

22 Apr 2019


Why should I care about 50/50 by 2020?

Meenakshi Dhanani

18 Apr 2019


New approaches to risk management: 5 things you may be doing wrong

Anthony O'Connell

15 Apr 2019

Agile Project Management

Every agile BA's go-to list of 101 project-tracking questions

Kalaiarasi Srinivasaramanan

8 Apr 2019


Five steps towards becoming a revolutionary enterprise

Kevin Telford

3 Apr 2019

Financial Services

A Banking Revolution or a Revolutionary Bank?

Kevin Telford

1 Apr 2019


Workplace self-service revolution is centered on customer experience

Sathyan Sethumadhavan

29 Mar 2019


Data quality - safety net for advanced analytics

Shweta Jain

21 Mar 2019


Mitigating serverless lock-in fears

Wisen Tanasa

18 Mar 2019


Dial D for Diversity: LGBTQ+ inclusion in corporate India

Anirban Ghosh

18 Mar 2019

Financial Services

Revolutionary enterprises need trust beyond a mantra

Kevin Telford

10 Mar 2019

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

An ML showdown in search of the best tool

Aiko Klostermann

7 Mar 2019

Career Hacks

Growth modeling for developers

Shlok Amin

26 Feb 2019


Getting back into IT as a mum

Babitha Rakesh

21 Feb 2019

Career Hacks

My journey to becoming a senior consultant

Emily Namugaanyi

15 Feb 2019


The path to DevOps

Erik Dörnenburg