25 Jun 2019


Experimentation helps retailers optimize their supply chain - here’s how

Praful Todkar

24 Jun 2019


GenderFluid: The Solution

Dr J Harrison

21 Jun 2019

Data Science & Engineering

The evolution of geospatial data and modernising our platform to meet customer demand

Jo Abhayaratna

19 Jun 2019


GenderFluid: The Problem

Dr J Harrison

17 Jun 2019

Software Testing

Applying BDD acceptance criteria in user stories

Dennis Hee

13 Jun 2019


Dimensions of Diversity – does being a ‘young company’ mean others are missing out?

Kelsey van Haaster and Michael Strasser

11 Jun 2019


Coding practices for data scientists

Shraddha Surana

10 Jun 2019


Relevance of LGBTQI+ inclusion at the workplace in India

Tina Vinod

4 Jun 2019

Agile Project Management

Why product objectives are your best guide to team design

Robert Bornemann

31 May 2019


Four bad ways to use RPA

George Earle and Mike Mason

28 May 2019


Learning from Japan: How to create visibility and the right environment

Nicola Boyle and Zoe Wilkins

27 May 2019

Data Science & Engineering

Intelligent Enterprise Series — Models of enterprise intelligence

Ken Collier, Mark Brand and Pramod N

24 May 2019


5 tips for QAs to add more value to their teams

Lina Zubyte

20 May 2019


Change management in the agile world - Willing, able and ready

Dianne Inniss

16 May 2019

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Empowerment

David Johnston

12 May 2019

Career Hacks

[Episode 5] A day in the life of a ThoughtWorks' Client Principal

Jal Singh

6 May 2019


Test Driven Development is the best thing that has happened to software design

Arek Torczuk

30 Apr 2019

Data Science & Engineering

The business case for AI: Making it real and ethical

Anna Gudmundson

24 Apr 2019


Getting more underrepresented minorities into tech

Nikki Jones

24 Apr 2019


Macro trends in the tech industry | April 2019

Mike Mason

24 Apr 2019


How programming languages have evolved

Rebecca Parsons

23 Apr 2019


The Tech Radar Summit — a view from the ground

Gareth Morgan

22 Apr 2019


Why should I care about 50/50 by 2020?

Meenakshi Dhanani