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Thoughtworks Finland

Supporting digital innovation for aviation companies

A trusted partner for digital innovation in aviation

We have helped airlines invent what’s next in aviation, and rapidly bring it to life with technology. We work with some of the world’s largest airlines, airports, and online travel giants. Together, we help our clients transform their customer experience, enable sustainable innovation as well as drive operational efficiencies and revenue growth.


As global data experts, we never do anything on the fly


Today, every interaction, every system, every touchpoint, and every sensor generate staggering volumes of data. And few industries generate more than aviation.


A typical commercial aircraft can generate as much as 20 terabytes of data per engine for every hour that it’s in flight. Multiply that across an international fleet, add in a myriad of other passenger and airport data, and it’s easy to see why managing data — and getting maximum value from it — have become such significant challenges for today’s airlines.


Aviation companies understand the value trapped within those vast volumes of data, whether that’s detailed performance information or passenger insights. However, with such a wide variety of sources to manage, and new capabilities needed to translate them into actionable insights, realizing that value isn’t easy. 


Thoughtworks rapidly delivers value through data platform and product solutions to ensure clients can securely leverage their data, while empowering domain teams to innovate.


Data-driven organization and decision making

Data Mesh for aviation

Data Mesh adoption is surging in many sectors. But what exactly can it help organizations in the aviation industry achieve?

AI Augmented

A family of novel decision-making approaches that go beyond the common computer-centric AI paradigm to solve organizations’ most difficult problems.

Data Mesh

Get value from data at scale.

How we've supported our aviation & travel clients

Our AI-enabled technology enabled Finavia to increase the number of flights by 12%, decrease airport-related flight delays by 61%, save €500 000 through decreased delays, and increase the airport’s NPS score by 20 points. 

For Delta, we improved reliability and evolved their mobile experience, designing their new mobile platform around their customers, to enhance  passengers’ end-to-end travel experience. 

Qantas partnered with Thoughtworks to transform decision making, increase the speed at which they respond market needs, through the implementation of new Agile and Lean capabilities.


Responsible tech to tackle the climate emergency

Talk by Jesse McCrosky, Head of Sustainability and Social Change and Principal Consultant, Thoughtworks Finland 

Sustainability in your supply chain

But how can enterprises decide on the right actions to take, and optimize their choices to reduce emissions and reduce costs?

Tech as a sustainability enabler

Tech can make a powerful difference to the way organizations plan, set targets, execute, optimize, measure and report on sustainability initiatives. 

Meet our experts

Niina Tuikka

CX, Product & Design Service Line Lead, Thoughtworks Finland

Ossi Syd

Principal Consultant, Thoughtworks Finland

Patrick Kuster

Head of Demand, Thoughtworks Finland 

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