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Augmenting the future of business, creativity and innovation

Edition #17 | Released August 2021

Artificial intelligence and machine learning has never been more powerful, or more accessible. In this edition of Perspectives, our experts look at the value continuum of AI/ML and the potential to help organizations solve complex problems, and even create new products or business lines.

The key to redefining customer experience

Edition #16 | Released June 2021

With unprecedented pressure to deliver seamless, high-quality digital experiences, enterprises are reimagining the processes and infrastructure that support the customer experience. In this issue of Perspectives, our experts explore the power of the platform for customer experience.

Data strategies to drive business value at scale

Edition #15 | Released April 2021

Businesses have more data at their disposal than ever. Yet, many enterprises are still struggling to bridge the disconnect between the value of data in theory and realizing that value in practice. In this issue, Thoughtworks explores a clear path to capture data’s full potential.

Making enterprise modernization a reality

Edition #14 | Released February 2021

Enterprises are ramping up technology investments and tackling transformation with new speed and vigor. In this issue of Perspectives, Thoughtworks experts answer the big, and tricky, questions to help enterprises evolve for the better.

Facing the new security frontiers

Edition #13 | Released December 2020

As the cybersecurity threat landscape evolves and grows, business leaders are losing faith in their ability to keep their customers and organizations safe. This crisis of confidence can only be addressed by a new approach that shifts security from a process to a mindset.


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