Webinar Tech Radar Vol.24 Spain

Webinar Tech Radar | June 02 & 04

For more than 10 years the Radar has been a guide for people in the software development and IT industry. It reflects the views of a group of Thoughtworks senior technologists who meet regularly to discuss global technology strategy and technology trends.

This is the first time we will do webinars explaining what the new Radar volume is about and tell you about blips that are trending. We will have two sessions, one in Spanish and one in English, you can attend either one.


June 02 | 5:30pm Webinar Tech Radar Vol.24 in SpanishIntroduction to the new volume, Design Systems, Peer review equals pull request and Q&A
June 04 | 5:30pm Webinar Tech Radar Vol.24 in English Introduction to the new volume, API's Expand-Contract and Q&A


Chris Ford

Head of Technology Thoughtworks Spain

Javier López Fernández

Software Consultant Lead Thoughtworks Spain

Byron Torres

Senior Consultant Developer Thoughtworks Spain

Oscar Torres

Principal Consultant Thoughtworks Spain

Domenico Luciani

Software Engineer Thoughtworks Spain

Frederico Rhae

Senior Consultant Developer Thoughtworks Spain