Order Management Review

It was a pleasure to meet you!

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We want to be the leader in customer service and fulfillment.
Workshop Team6/21

After our initial overview, we understand that:

  • The team is ready to begin work on the next generation of order management
  • A lot of deep thinking has been done in various areas of the company
  • Numerous initiatives are in-flight across stores, mobile and web, and supply chain that must be accounted for
  • The organization is investing heavily in strong engineering talent and is well on the way to becoming “Tech at Core”
  • Next steps are gaining alignment, scoping vision and key capabilities, determining the best course of action architecturally, and working together to define the path forward

Our Thinking: Curated for You

What do you mean by “Event-Driven”? by Martin Fowler
From Product to Platform  by Jeff Coble
Event-Driven Architecture by Martin Fowler
Migrating to Microservices by Zhamak Dehghani
Messy Tech Investments by Amit Kaul and Ryan Murray
Notification Event Pattern by Graham Brooks
Build your own Radar podcast with Jonny LeRoy

Highlights from our Retail practice

Modern Retailers are nimble, engaging and relevant to the changing needs of tomorrow’s customers. Technology is a differentiator, not a constraint. See how we helped Myer engage Chinese consumers with an award-winning Engagement Platform.
Download Retail is Ready to Explode to explore our perspective on how IoT, Big Data, and the Cloud impact retail operations, how to generate valuable interactions with consumers beyond stores, sites, and apps, and how retailers are modernizing to keep up with the dizzying pace of change.

Understanding Loyalty from the Inside Out

Insights from Aman Bhutani, SVP Engineering at Expedia at ThoughtWorks' ParadigmShift 2014 event.

Our Team

Karen Greenberg, Strategic Development, Retail
Holden Bale, Retail Principal - Omnichannel Commerce
Dianne Inniss, Retail Principal - Customer Experience
Audrey Conceicao, Delivery Principal & Project Manager
Damian Knoop, Technical Principal
Jonny LeRoy, Executive Technical Advisor
Lupi Messenger, Business Analyst
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