What is new in Mingle 17

Posted by Huimin

21 December 2017

We’re excited to announce our on-site release of this year: Mingle 17! In this release we have Easy Charts for customized reporting, Work in Progress (WIP) limits to better support Kanban practices, performance improvements, and some bug fixes.


Easy Charts

Creating custom charts can be tedious and error-prone. Our new interactive Easy Charts wizard makes it simple for you with its step-by-step guide. In Just a few clicks you can set up an interactive chart, which can display real time information when you hover over its sections. Easy Charts can also pull data from multiple projects. Creating cross-project reporting is made super easy now.


Setting Work in Progress limits has proven to increase focus and get work done faster. Mingle enables you to do exactly this on a Mingle card wall. Set a top limit on the number of cards allowed in some or all columns, and watch cards fly across the wall! If the limit is exceeded on a swimlane, Mingle will highlight that column to draw your attention to it.


We’ve made a few improvements with Mingle 17 like fixing issues with non-ASCII character encoding, performance improvements on the grid view, and fixing the issue of wrapping of lane header names.


Download Mingle 17 now and check out our help for all the details about what’s included in this release. We’d love your feedback! Simply tweet us @thatsmingle. Hope to hear from you soon.

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