Checklists can now be imported and exported!

Posted by Sneha

2 June 2016

Does your team use checklists to manage their tasks and to-dos? Then you’re likely a big fan of the Checklists feature on Mingle!

As a recent enhancement, we’ve allowed checklists to be exported and imported. Here’s a quick look at how:

Export checklists in cards

When you export the cards in your project, a CSV file is created. There are now two new columns in the CSV file, titled Incomplete Checklist items and Completed Checklist items. All your open and pending checklist items will now be available here!


Tip: Checklists are available in the CSV file regardless of whether you’ve included descriptions during export or not.

Import checklists in cards

You can now import checklists when you import cards to your project! In the CSV that you paste to the Import cards screen, add two columns for checklist items that are incomplete and complete. On the Preview import screen, map these columns to Incomplete Checklist items and Completed Checklist items in the dropdowns. Voila! Your imported cards will have checklists, with the completed items checked off!


Import and export projects with checklists

You can export your whole project from the Project Admin area, or import a new project to hit the road running. Now, checklists are included in both exports and imports for all cards that have them!

Have questions?

As always, you can reach out to us at with any questions, comments, or feedback.

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