Upcoming Mingle Enhancements

Posted by Leo

18 February 2016

Check out below for some upcoming changes to Mingle.

History in card pop-up

Card history will be accessible from the card pop-up very soon. With this change, you won’t need to navigate to the full view for this specific information any longer.

card history panel

Sidebar clarity

Soon, you’ll notice the sidebar text change based on your view in Mingle. While no changes have been made to the contents inside the sidebar (yet), we hope that the more specific description will be of help.

sidebar text

Scrolling tabs

As your project grows, you may find a need to add more views to your global project tab. It can get really messy when that happens. Instead of stacking the tabs after the first row, we’ve added the ability to scroll through your tabs so they all stay within the same row while still giving you the ability to add as many tabs as you’d like.

scrolling tabs

Export/import dependencies

Soon, you’ll be able to export/import dependencies on its own; ensuring that your dependencies will follow wherever your Mingle projects go.

As always, feel free to reach us at mingle.feedback@thoughtworks.com with any questions/comments!

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