Happy 2016 from Mingle

Posted by Huimin

4 January 2016

Happy 2016!

Welcome back from the holidays! 2015 was a big year for us. We’d like to share the accomplishments from 2015 we’re most proud of, including the exciting release we did in December.

Dependencies aren’t problems anymore

On December 8th, 2015, we introduced Mingle’s new dependency management features to help teams raise, view, accept and resolve dependencies with ease. We also wrote a blog post to help you get the best out of it. If you are using Mingle SaaS, it is already already turned on. If you are our onsite customers, download 15.2 now and give us your feedback!


Agile 2015 @ Washington DC

At the Agile 2015 conference in August, we previewed Mingle’s new approach to scaling agile for the first time. Mingle’s new team-centric approach to portfolio and program management sparked great conversations about the future of “agile at scale” at the conference. We had a lot of fun talking and debating with our old friends, shared our thinking with the new friends we made, and we were interviewed by InfoQ.


Staying on trend in Agile for business

In March of 2015, we did market research around agile project management. We surveyed more than 500 individuals from various levels to see how—and why—companies use agile today. We shared our findings in this infographic.


Our thinking about scaling agile

We’re on a mission to help teams to scale agile in the right way. We setup a channel to sharing insights from the industries about scaling agile as well as practical tips. On our blog, you can read about everything from collaboration techniques for distributed projects, to three core problems of dependency management. We are dedicated to helping people improve their agile experience, so we’ve also worked with respected publications like InfoQ to share philosophical queries, like Suzie Prince’s recent article on how to assess what level of agility is right for your organization.


We hope 2016 will bring more successes like these to Mingle. Stay tuned! Happy New Year!

the Mingle team

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