Posted by Leo

20 November 2014

We’re very excited to share our latest step towards bringing simple back. With our latest addition of checklists, we hope it’ll make it simpler for you and your team to track small tasks easily and quickly. We know a lot of you will be excited for this feature as well from all of the feedback we’ve recieved over the last few months.

Adam P.

It would be so great to have an inline checklist for tasks kinda like the murmur section.
So powerful to quickly amend a card with to-dos and then check them off without editing
the card. Also a great way to keep tabs across the cards for a team.

Thanks for all the recent improvements. Keep it up.

Katie J.

Can you make a todo list? thanks!

Add tasks directly from the card wall

Adding items to your checklist is really easy. Just open up a card from your card wall and you’ll see a section for checklists just above the card description. From there, it’s just a matter of clicking on the + sign and entering your tasks.


Tell us what you think below or shoot us a tweet @thatsmingle.

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