Mingle 14.1 now available for onsite customers

Posted by Ethan Teng

11 April 2014

Mingle 14.1 screenshot

We’ve been busy these past several months making Mingle even better!

If you use Mingle in the cloud, you’re already taking advantage of all these improvements. For our onsite customers, we’ve bundled the awesome features (and some bug/performance fixes) into our first installer release of 2014: Mingle 14.1.

New look

Mingle got a facelift in 14.1. However, this is not just an aesthetic improvement; it’s an important step towards making Mingle easier to use. Also, Mingle is now touch-responsive! Pull it up on your iPad and check it out.


Your smiling faces are on your card wall now! This new feature allows you and your team to easily see who’s working on what. You can set your avatar by visiting your Mingle profile page. If you’re using Mingle in the cloud, we will use your Gravatar image by default, but you can also easily change your avatar via your Mingle profile. (Gravatar is not supported on Mingle onsite.)

Full card preview & edit without leaving the card wall

Mingle now allows you to click any card on your wall to immediately see its entire contents. And, even better, you can double-click anywhere in the card title or body to start editing right away. Read more about full card preview and edit.

Tab-to-indent in the card editor

We’ve upgraded to CKEditor 4.2.2. You can now tab to indent number and bullet lists, and anywhere in the description.

Switch between projects with just one click

We know many of you have multiple projects going on. Before, it was a bit of a pain to switch between your Mingle projects. So, we’ve made it better! Now, you can switch between projects quickly and easily just by clicking the drop-down at the top of any project. You can even create a new project from there.

Project dropdown

HMAC authentication

Mingle now supports HMAC (Hash-based message authentication code) authentication. You can generate an HMAC secret key from your Mingle profile page. Just look under the HMAC Auth Key tab. We also provide you an example Ruby snippet that uses the Secret Key for authentication. Read more about how to configure HMAC authentication.

Special headers will be going away

We implemented this hack years ago. We had a good reason for doing this at the time, but it’s terrible from a UX perspective. And, given our focus on making Mingle visually cleaner and also easier to use, we are planning to stop supporting special headers.

Bug & performance fixes

We’ve also included several important bug fixes and performance improvements in 14.1.

Get the new installer

We’ve posted the installers for you to download and upgrade your Mingle instance. Please contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

What do you think of 14.1?

Tweet us @thatsmingle or leave a comment for us here. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Mingling,

-The Mingle team

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