Avatars and full card preview on the card wall

Posted by Huimin Li

14 February 2014

Your smiling faces are on your card wall!

Your smiling face

“Who’s working on what?”

Yup, it’s a basic question. But quite an important one!

To make it really easy to see at a glance who’s working on what, we’ve added avatars to the cards on your card wall.

“But wait, how do you decide whose avatars to display?”

Good question! If you have user properties set up for your cards, we show the avatars of the first two user properties. (Pro tip: you can drag-and-drop card properties to sort them.)
For example, if you love pair programming like us, you likely have a card property for “owner” and another for “pair”. To make sure these are the avatars that are displayed, simply drag the two properties to the top of the list.

Another pro tip: we do not show avatars for hidden properties. So, if you have a lot of other user properties, such as “reported by” or “tested by” for purely tracking purposes, you can make them hidden properties to help minimize noise.

By default, we will use your Gravatar image, but you have all the freedom to change it to a cooler one via your Mingle profile page. N.B. Gravatar integration is not supported for customers hosting Mingle onsite.

Love it? Hate it? Email or tweet us and tell us what you think!

Full card preview

Having a conversation and don’t want to leave your card wall to see the contents of a card? We feel you! Now, just click once on any card on your card wall to see the entire contents without ever leaving the card wall.

Next, we want to give you the ability to not just view, but edit the card, right from the card wall! We have a prototype for this already. What do you think? Love it? Hate it? We want your feedback to get it right.

Inplace editing

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