After 11 years of helping teams manage Agile projects, with the world’s first ever digital card wall,
Mingle is retiring

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Scale value delivery over process.

Scaling Agile works best when each team can effectively ingrain Agile into their own process. That’s why Mingle is designed to integrate with a team’s current workflow. Once teams are effectively practicing Agile, Program Managers can use Mingle’s Planner feature to define objectives for the organization, track a plan’s progress, and receive alerts when a plan changes.

Let your team work the way they want to.

Finding the workflow that suits your team best can be challenging. Too much structure slows progress, but not enough can halt it all together. Mingle’s flexibility lets you tailor your workflow to your team—whether you use Kanban, Scrum, Agile, or something in between.

Communicate and collaborate easily.

Mingle is designed to help you effectively solve problems by having more efficient conversations with your team. At the task level, Mingle allows you to assign teammates to a specific action, so everyone can see who is working on what. At the project level, Mingle can nudge teams to have a conversation if an upcoming deadline has not been met. At the program level, Mingle sends these alerts to Program Managers, so they can follow up the appropriate Project Manager.

We’re here to help.

The entire Mingle team is dedicated to making work more productive and enjoyable for you, which is why we all pitch in to make your Mingle experience better. Whether it’s one of our product managers answering a support question or an analyst giving you a personal demo, we’re all here to make sure you get the most out of Mingle.

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I especially love the flexibility of the product: it is Mingle adapting to my team instead of my team adapting to Mingle.

- Mario Yanez Zarandon,
Product Manager


After almost a year of using Mingle I can truly say that we are happy we made the switch to a single tool and look forward to continued growth and learning through its use.

- Tonya Mompoint,
Team Lead


Given the flexibility Mingle offers, this is by far the best project management tool that I have used so far.

- Carsten Saathoff,
Expert Software Engineer


I use and recommend Mingle because it allows you to customize the workflow to your needs. I highly recommend it so check it out and see if it can help you with your next project.

- Michael Cameron,
Game Development


Mingle and @goforcd give us room to innovate rather than burn valuable time on convoluted project management.

- Ian Longley,
Lead Software Architect


My favorite features are locked headers, the ability to add colorful tags to cards, and murmurs. Mingle does the work to make sure when we go into those stories we are on the same page!

- Rebecca Jensen,
Project Manager

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