Thoughtworks Masterclass

This October, at Thoughtworks India, we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary! That’s 20 years of excellence in technology!

All through the month we’re hosting 10 tech talks, delivered by some of our best-and-brightest technologists in India. Each of them will be taking you through different topics, ranging from Distributed Delivery and XR, to Security and Navigating Ambiguity.

Agenda | Week 2

Time Clock and ordering of events in cloud-scale systems

Thursday | October 14 | 12pm - 1pm IST

Speaker: Unmesh Joshi

When values are stored across multiple servers, there needs to be a way to know which values were stored before the other. The system timestamp can not be used, because the wall clocks are not monotonic and clock values from two different servers should not be compared.

All distributed data systems use Logical clocks to allow the ordering of events. We will look at various types of logical clocks and how they are used in the distributed data systems to decide the ordering of events.

Agenda | Week 3

Using XR in building autonomous vehicles

Wednesday| October 20 | 3pm - 5pm IST

Speaker: Raju Kandasamy, Kuldeep Singh

XR is a technology that provides awesome user experience and as well the tools that are used to build XR are capable of providing simulation environments needed to train autonomous vehicles without needing to build the actual hardware and fake environment. Setting-up environments and parameterizing the content of the environments shall be automated. Here in this master class we see 2 such use cases

Training a car to do autonomous parking using simulation

Training a Robot arm to Pick & Place object using simulation

Demystifying product strategy

Friday | October 22 | 12pm - 1pm IST

Speaker: Madhubala Mukthinutalapati, Jyothi Pujari

Product Strategy is the key cornerstone and devising it right is crucial for creating a successful product. This talk focuses on enumerating the building blocks of a Product Strategy and explains each of it with the help of a case study. A handy Mural template is also shared to put this into action and to create your own Product Strategy. 

Agenda | Week 4

Evolution of infrastructure in 20 years

Monday | October 25 | 4pm - 5pm IST

Speaker: Krishnaswamy Subramanian

This session will be about how infrastructure has involved from dial-up to fibre internet along with hardware and software evolution over time. You will learn provisioning and configuring new age immutable cloud infrastructure going live from a clean slate in minutes with production-grade security by following all the engineering best practices such as unit testing / TDD, clean code even for infrastructure code.

Our journey to a data-driven ThoughtWorks with Data Mesh

Monday | October 27 | 3pm - 5pm IST

Speaker: Prakash Subramaniam, Deepthi K

How did Thoughtworks transition from Data locked in vaulted silos to modern Data Mesh inspired analytics? We have a story to tell.

Every Organization is either thinking about or already on the way to becoming Data-Driven. ThoughtWorks had a similar aspirational goal and our journey started a few years ago. Starting from our humble beginnings involving spreadsheets and out-of-the-box reporting features in COTS / SaaS products to OLAP Cubes with handcrafted ETL pipelines and dashboards to Data Mesh as a paradigm shift - we have seen it all.

Do you want to know how to handle petabytes of Data? Sorry, this is not the session for you. We did not deal with Big Data and heavy-duty Data Engineering, instead, it was gigabytes of data and in some cases megabytes. Our story is more about the real-world journey to empower our business leaders and business functions in making data-driven business decisions enabled by the Data Mesh approach & Business Intelligence. In this session, we will look at this Data program through the prism of People, Process and Technology, talk about the challenges encountered and how we are evolving to adopt Data Mesh principles to solve them.

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Masterclass recordings

October 4|Database essentials for the application developers

Speakers: Rathinakumar Ponnusamy & Raja Sekhar Reddy

October 5|Securing your agile development

Speaker: Neelu Tripathy

October 7|Adventures in serverless land

Speaker: Sarat Chandra Kongara

Oct 11|Navigating ambiguity

Speaker: Kriti Mehta

Oct 13|The Log - Building block of the modern cloud systems

Speaker: Unmesh Joshi