28 Sep 2017


Who are the ready in retail?

Daniel Pallozzi

27 Sep 2017


Slicing your development work as a multi-layer cake

Luis Mizutani

24 Sep 2017


Moving to the center of the customer’s universe

Miranda Hill

22 Sep 2017


GDPR: Dude, where’s my data?

Dave Elliman

20 Sep 2017


Retail digital transformation: fad or friend?

Jonathan Pangrazio, Kevin Flynn and Matt Harris

19 Sep 2017

Career Hacks

How to be a junior software developer

Rufus Raghunath

14 Sep 2017


Why IT departments must reinvent themselves: Part 2

Swapnil Deshpande

12 Sep 2017

Social Justice

What do we mean by 'Solidarity Over Charity'?

Elise Zelechowski

6 Sep 2017


How retailers can plug their business into social platforms and master social selling

Apeksha Naurumanchi, Mark Collin and Sanjeev Athreya

5 Sep 2017


Applying Conway's Law to improve your software development

Fausto de la Torre

1 Sep 2017


A lean model for security and security practices

Dave Elliman

22 Aug 2017


Why IT departments must reinvent themselves: Part 1

Swapnil Deshpande

15 Aug 2017

Languages, Tools & Frameworks

Advocating for software quality at METRO

Rufus Raghunath

14 Aug 2017


A rainbow for everyone: culture of acceptance

Shiva Sharma Akalwadi

11 Aug 2017

Technology Strategy

GDPR: it’s time to rethink your approach to privacy

Dave Elliman

10 Aug 2017

Technology Strategy

The tyranny of big suite enterprise software best practices

George Earle

8 Aug 2017


Time to step up your QA game

Brandon Garlock

2 Aug 2017


Why conversational UI? Why now?

Holden Bale and Neil Redding

1 Aug 2017


Leading with compassion and inclusivity

Tarsha McCormick

26 Jul 2017


The well-factored approach to securing ROI on your service investment: Part 2

Praful Todkar and Ryan Murray

23 Jul 2017

Languages, Tools & Frameworks

Idea to product: the working model

Dinker Charak

20 Jul 2017


The Next Big Disruption: Courageous Executives

Guo Xiao

18 Jul 2017


Transforming airline operations with AR and VR

Neil Redding, Robert Drotar and Scott Dickson