21 Apr 2017

Continuous Delivery

Getting into DevOps: Part 1

Carlos Nuñez

19 Apr 2017


What's Moved Into Adopt

Gareth Morgan

17 Apr 2017


Do You Have What It Takes To Transform?

Gary O'Brien

15 Apr 2017


I Am a Technologist, Not a Female Technologist

Laura Nash

13 Apr 2017


Technology Radar: The Big Picture

Gareth Morgan

11 Apr 2017


The Well-Factored Approach to Securing ROI on Your Service Investment: Part 1

Praful Todkar and Ryan Murray

11 Apr 2017

Financial Services

Insurance Disruption: InsurTech Leads the Way

Miranda Hill

10 Apr 2017


Gender: Why Are You Asking About It?

J Harrison

6 Apr 2017


The Root-Reliant Bluetooth Mesh: GilgaMesh

Holly Bowen and Lauren Fitzgerald

4 Apr 2017


The New Tech Industry Macro Trends

Mike Mason

3 Apr 2017

Software Testing

The IoT Testing Atlas

Gayathri Mohan

1 Apr 2017

Agile Project Management

How Product-Centric IT Disrupts Portfolio Management

Sriram Narayan

31 Mar 2017


Becoming a Platform-enabled Retailer

Daniel McMahon, Lloyd Shanks, Matt Harris and Natalie Drucker

20 Mar 2017

Financial Services

The Intelligent Bank Mindset: “Cars, not Faster Horses”

Aneesh Lele and Prashant Gandhi

12 Mar 2017


EuroShop 2017 - Digitalisierung des Handels

Aileen Diener and Frank Pototzki

8 Mar 2017


How to Lead with Compassion and Inclusivity

Fiona Lee and Tarsha McCormick

1 Mar 2017

Data Science & Engineering

Getting Smart: Applying Continuous Delivery to Data Science to Drive Car Sales

Arif Wider and Christian Deger

28 Feb 2017

Financial Services

The Intelligent Bank: The Hidden Weakness in Financial Services Business Models

Aneesh Lele and Prashant Gandhi

22 Feb 2017


Pioneering Organizational Transformation: Here's What You Need to Know

Sue Visic

21 Feb 2017

Global Health

[Podcast] Open Source Myths and Truths

Gurpreet Luthra and Karl Brown

14 Feb 2017

Data Science & Engineering

7 Reasons Big Data Analytics Initiatives Fail

Prakash Kini

7 Feb 2017


Why Configuration Management and Provisioning are Different

Carlos Nuñez

6 Feb 2017


[Podcast] ThoughtWorks Beacon: Build Your Own Radar

Jonny LeRoy, Neal Ford and Rachel Laycock