22 Feb 2018


Mastering the mix: Five ingredients for digital transformation

David Robinson and Linda Luu

21 Feb 2018

Financial Services

DLT: Re-imagining industry value chains

Clay Ratliff, Erin Kyle and Prashant Gandhi

20 Feb 2018


Ensuring depth in diversity: Part 2

Darshana Radhakrishnan

16 Feb 2018


Future proof your business through enterprise innovation

Angela Bishop and Maryam Aidini

13 Feb 2018

Data Science & Engineering

The rise of the digital city and why it’s so important

Nima Montazeri

9 Feb 2018


Meltdown, Spectre, and user stories from the new security “normal”

Gillian "Gus" Andrews

5 Feb 2018


Lessons learned pretending to be a chatbot: Part Two

Kylie Castellaw

4 Feb 2018


Choreographers - the missing role in enterprise transformation

Dan McClure

1 Feb 2018


Transforming for real

Sriram Narayan

1 Feb 2018


Retail analytics: from hours to seconds using R

Bharani Subramaniam

29 Jan 2018

Experience Design

Understanding how Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Work Together

Jonny Schneider

28 Jan 2018


Top 4 takeaways from NRF 2018

Kevin Flynn

25 Jan 2018


The well-factored approach to securing ROI on your service investment: Part 3

Praful Todkar and Ryan Murray

21 Jan 2018

Experience Design

Creating a fully personalised customer experience

Emma Carter

19 Jan 2018


Unleashing the giants: digitizing automotive incumbents — Part one

Dino Frese

18 Jan 2018

Data Science & Engineering

5 takeaways from the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

Mark Collin, Natalie Drucker and Nima Montazeri

14 Jan 2018

Financial Services

The Lost Millennials: will our Financial Services sector ever find them?

JoJo Swords

10 Jan 2018


What to expect: 6 Predictions for Retail 2018

Matt Harris

10 Jan 2018


How artificial intelligence is transforming the criminal justice system

Stephanie Weber

8 Jan 2018


Running a retrospective with large teams

Anne Weise

1 Jan 2018


Connected things, not devices

Tom Glover

30 Dec 2017


Top Insights Content from 2017

Prarthana Sridhar

26 Dec 2017


Lessons learned from life as a chatbot: Part 1

Kylie Castellaw