Using Mingle With Team Foundation Server

One of the cool features of Mingle is its integration with source control systems. When you add card references to check-in comments Mingle correlates change sets and cards on its History tab. In Mingle 12.1 we added support for Microsoft® Team Foundation Server.

You can browse change-set history in context with card history:

browse change-set history

You can dive into the details of a change set to see:

  • The identity of the change set,when it was made and who checked it in.
  • The check-in comment including a card reference, #31. This is a hyperlink to card 31 automatically supplied by Mingle.
  • The list of files included in the change set; in this case one file called "build.bat".

You can dive into the details of a change set

Configuring this is easy. As a project administrator use the Project repository settings under Project admin, choose Team Foundation Server from the drop-down and fill in the form. It looks like this:

Team Foundation Server repository settings


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