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Data-Driven Everything


With Thoughtworks and AWS

Thoughtworks and AWS partner with your company to accelerate the journey towards becoming data-driven


With the introduction of the AWS Data-Driven Everything program (D2E), Thoughtworks and AWS will partner with your organization to move faster and with greater precision using a work-backwards approach to address people, process, and technology-related considerations. 


The program will leverage specific use cases to jump-start your data flywheel to create value-based outcomes throughout the entire process of building a data platform.

How the D2E Program Works

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Think Big

Think Big using Amazon’s working backwards techniques (including a PR/FAQ), develop a roadmap and storyboard, scope a minimum viable product (MVP) and high-level architecture based on feasibility


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Start Small

Prepare by focusing on a meaningful and feasible business use-case with defined business outcomes.


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Scale Fast

Participate in a free, two day workshop with Thoughtworks and AWS that will deliver an organization-wide readiness assessment, and help you scale with a 6-to-9 month roadmap of priority projects.

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