London, 7th June

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Banking beyond the boundaries

Retail banking innovation continues at an exponential rate, but it’s not just FinTech making things faster, easier, more accessible, or more engaging. So called disruptors are changing the face of retail banking for good. Smart retail banks are disrupting their own business. Intelligent banking, intention economy, hyper personalisation and social justice are changing the way we view the world, the way we use technology to tackle our biggest challenges and the way we interact with citizens, products, and businesses.

With technology augmenting humanity and the world around us, traditional constraints no longer exist. Now is the time to disrupt your own business take the next step-change as retail banking experiences a seismic shift.

This year, Banking-Redefined explores the tension between what’s possible today and your long term strategy. When the unimaginable is created in weeks, how can leaders know what to do, how to start and where to go? How can leaders take their current digital foundation to seize the growth opportunities that exist in the realm of possibility?

Join us at BANKING-Redefined 2017

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Banking-Redefined is an invitation-only event hosted by ThoughtWorks. Once a year, we bring together a cultivated group of influencers from around the world: business leaders, technologists, innovators, authors, educators and provocateurs. Through a carefully curated single-track program featuring renowned speakers, interactive workshops and immersive experiences, we explore the complex relationships between business, technology, people and culture.

Attendance at Banking-Redefined is limited to 50 guests to allow for richer engagement and more personal connections. Over the course of the day, we aim to upend long-held beliefs, reveal unexpected insights, pique new ideas, and spark spirited conversation that changes the way business is done.


8:00am Registration & continental breakfast
9:00am Beyond The Boundaries - 20 questions & 20 answers
9:10am Customer centricity - creating digitally guided lifestyles
9:40am Intelligent banking - the forces at play & principles to unlock faster growth
10:10am Panel discussion: Traditional and disruptors - data in plain sight
11:10am Break
11:30am Digital identity - Robo-advisors and open innovation
12:00pm Hyper-personalisation - augmenting human intelligence: implementing disruption
1:00pm Close

The location

The Grade II listed Main Hall was designed in the 1930s and has a unique Art Deco charm. With a Mezzanine level that looks out over the Bank of England.

Banking-Redefined 2017

The Banking Hall

14 Cornhill



United Kingdom



Join us

Register your interest today for this exclusive invitation-only event.

Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my conference materials?

Conference materials will be made available online, post event.

How many attendees will be at the conference?

Banking-Redefined is an exclusive, invite-only event. In order to allow for open discussions, idea sharing and networking opportunities, we limit the event to about 50 guests.

Where is the conference being held? 

The conference will be held in THE BANKING HALL, 14 CORNHILL, EC3V 3ND, UK. Banking Hall Telephone: +44 20 3627 8424

Are meals included?

Yes, premium breakfast, lunch and refreshments have been specially selected and will be included during the event.

What about airfare and accommodations?

The cost of the hotel and travel is not included.

When and where is registration upon arrival at the conference?

Registration is on Wednesday 7 June from 8am at Banking Hall.

What should I wear?

Business or business casual attire is recommended during the event. The speakers usually arrive in business attire.

Special Needs

If you have any special needs and/or dietary restrictions that we can address to make your participation more enjoyable, please let us know prior to your arrival by emailing

Who will be attending this year?

We will distribute the attendee list prior to the conference