Thank you for 25 amazing years

A message from Martin Fowler,

Chief Scientist

The essence of agility has been deeply embedded in ThoughtWorks’ culture from the beginning. Our greatest strengths are our people and the approach we’ve forged to software development - founded upon technical excellence and close collaboration. The future is always uncertain, but we learn, grow, and tackle it head-on. 

Thank you to our clients, employees, alumni, and organizations we have collaborated with, both past and present.

Our history

Who doesn’t love a good story? Over the next five months we will be sharing content about our tech heritage, our people, our clients and the tech industry. 

Come along as we share our story. 


ThoughtWorks 25-Years
ThoughtWorks 25-Years

Our milestones

Over the years there have been many events worth celebrating, in fact, too many to mention here. We have chosen 25 milestones to share about our contributions to the tech industry, our growth and a few interesting facts.

Our Thought Leadership

Books written by ThoughtWorkers.

by Rebecca Parsons, Neal Ford, and Patrick Kua

The first principle of evolutionary architecture is to enable incremental change in an architecture over time. This practical guide gives you everything you need to know to get started.

by Martin Fowler

This eagerly awaited update brings a fresh perspective. It has been fully updated to reflect the profound changes in the programming landscape over the past two decades. Like the original, it enables you to understand the principles of refactoring, to spot code that needs refactoring and how to succeed.

by Kief Morris

This book explains how you can take advantage of technologies like cloud, virtualization and configuration automation to manage IT infrastructure using tools and practices from software development.

Our Insights

A few article inspired by the newest Tech Radar.

by Mike Mason

Twice a year we create the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, an opinionated look at what’s happening in the enterprise tech world. We cover tools, techniques, languages, and platforms and we generally call out over one hundred individual ‘blips’. In this article, Mike tries to capture not just Radar themes, but wider trends across the tech industry today.

by Gareth Morgan

In today’s hyperconnected world, innovation happens pretty fast. For a technologist, whatever your specialism, there’s always something new to discover; a new tool that looks promising, maybe a technique that piques your interest. But, given the variety and pace of innovation, how do you know what to follow up on? How can you predict which innovations will be worthwhile and which will become a time sink?

Listen: The state of API design


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Co-hosts Mike Mason and Zhamak Dehghani are joined by Brandon Byars, Market Technical Principal at ThoughtWorks North America and James Gregory, Tech Lead at ThoughtWorks Australia to explore the current state of API design and look at the impact of event-based architectures.

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