TechTalks by ThoughtWorks Romania

Webinar | Thursday, April 22

TechTalks by ThoughtWorks Romania is a forum where we share and discuss recent developments in the tech world, projects that both inspire and challenge, and how to stay on top of the ever-shifting tech landscape.

We are happy to welcome Rebecca Parsons, CTO at ThoughtWorks, to our first edition of TechTalks by ThoughtWorks Romania.

With technology, business models and business needs changing so rapidly, an adaptable architecture is critical to allow systems to cope with change. Historically, adaptability has been sought through anticipating the places where a system must be adaptable and through various architectural approaches. However, recent experiences have shown these approaches to be inadequate, at least as currently practiced. 

In this talk Rebecca presents some principles of evolutionary architecture that allow systems to respond to change without needing to predict the future. We then briefly describe approaches that realize these principles and discuss how these approaches support adaptability of systems in an evolutionary way.


6.30pm EESTWelcomeSerban Tir
6.40pm EESTEvolutionary Architecture - principles & techniquesRebecca Parsons
7.25pm EESTOpen Q&A Razvan Lazar & Rebecca Parsons

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Meet the speakers

Rebecca Parsons

Rebecca Parsons

Dr. Rebecca Parsons is ThoughtWorks’ Chief Technology Officer with decades-long applications development experience across a range of industries and systems. Her technical experience includes leading the creation of large-scale distributed object applications and the integration of disparate systems. Separate from her passion for deep technology, Dr. Parsons is a strong advocate for diversity in the technology industry.

She is also the co-author of Domain-Specific Languages, The ThoughtWorks Anthology and Building Evolutionary Architectures.

Serban Tir

Serban Tir

Serban Tir is the General Manager of ThoughtWorks Romania. He started as a developer, advanced to Engineering Vice President, then CTO for Gemini Solutions. Serban has more than 25 years of working experience with software development, out of which he dedicated more than 20 to startups and scaleups from Silicon Valley. He led and is still leading a wide range of technology projects in partnerships with clients from all over the world. Serban is also actively involved in CSR projects and an energetic sports enthusiast, regularly beating his own marathon records.

Razvan Lazar

Razvan Lazar

With more than 20 years of hands-on experience in technology and software engineering, Razvan is one of the few core members of the ThoughtWorks Romania team who were there when the company was born, 16 years ago, under the name Gemini Solutions. 

Owner of several registered software patterns, Razvan takes innovation far beyond the working hours, investing personal time and energy in projects aimed to empower people through tech.  

His dedication to technology is only matched by his passion for guitar playing. 

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