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Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

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ThoughtWorks Live UK is an executive breakfast series that tackles business, technology and leadership challenges faced by senior leaders. We explore forward-thinking digital strategies that the leaders must learn to thrive in this dynamic world of technological disruptions, where the agile challengers are upending business models every day. Register your interest for April 2019 event where we will discuss how to accelerate digital change by leveraging your existing technology and continuously innovate to stay on top of your game.
ThoughtWorks Live is an executive breakfast series that explores how thriving businesses are taking advantage of this new world by adopting real-time strategic planning and enhancing their market agility, focusing on their customers and developing technological excellence at the core.

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MAR 2019
21 MARCologneGermanyCryptoparty
21 MARHamburgGermanyClimate Hub Hamburg presents Climate Talks: Agriculture & Land Use Part 2
21 MARBerlinGermanyTW hosts: Basic Income Experiments: Dead End or the Way Ahead?
22 MARPuneIndiaHands-on hiring workshop on "Building stateful systems with events"
22 MARBarcelonaSpainTW Host: LGBT+ Tech Inception: growing our community!
26 MARHamburgGermanyTW hosts: Moin & Machen: „Sinn vor Gewinn“ mit Changestarters Hamburg
26 MARMunichGermanyTW presents: How to develop a chatbot?
27 MARBarcelonaSpainTW Presents: El camino hacia la transformación digital y tecnológica en Mango
28 MARCologneGermanyTW presents: Business Model Canvas Workshop
28 MARKölnGermanyGirls Day
29 MARChennaiIndiaIncremental Design Hands-on Hiring Workshop for Women
30 MARCOIMBATOREIndiaConverge 5th Edition - Design Thinking Workshop
30 MARBangaloreIndiaHerTech Hackathon by WSquare
APR 2019
1 Solidarity is a duty, not a crime
2 APRHamburgGermanyvodQA Hamburg (Value Oriented Discussion on Quality Analysis)
9 APRBarcelonaSpainBreaking down barriers to inclusion
13 APRSan FranciscoUnited StatesWomen Who Code CONNECT
22 APRBangaloreIndiaVapasi for QAs
23 APRSingaporeSingaporeXConf Singapore
26 APRBangkokThailandXConf Thailand
29 APRNew YorkUnited StatesLead Developer Conference
30 APRLondonUnited KingdomThoughtWorks Live UK - Revolutionary Enterprises: Enabling the Future Organisation. Fast.
MAY 2019
2 MAYAtlantaUnited StatesAWS Summit Atlanta
JUN 2019
15 JUNHamburgGermanyLiving Empathy: A foundation training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
OCT 2019
1 OCTLondonUnited KingdomThoughtWorks Live UK 2019 (Part II)