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Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

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FEB 2016
12 FEBChicagoUnited States"This Changes Everything" Screening and Discussion
15 FEBLondonUnited KingdomLondon Web Standards
16 FEBDallasUnited StatesTech Radar
16 FEBLondonUnited KingdomMissing Maps
16 FEBNew YorkUnited StatesManaging Microservices with Deis and Kubernetes
17 FEBLondonUnited KingdomCodebar
18 FEBAtlantaUnited StatesLeaner & Smarter: How Enterprises Can Develop Better Digital Products
18 FEBCologneGermanyJUG Köln @ ThoughtWorks
18 FEBDallasUnited StatesDallas Blacks in Technology Meetups
21 FEBAtlantaUnited StatesWomen Who Code:  Sunday Code Jam
23 FEBMelbourneAustraliaDocker in Production [Melbourne]
23 FEBAtlantaUnited StatesWomen Who Code:  DevNexus Recap
23 FEBLondonUnited KingdomClojure Dojo
23 FEBJohannesburgSouth AfricaDevOps JHB
23 FEBManchesterUnited KingdomLadies Of Code: CODE GIRL film screening
23 FEBLondonUnited KingdomUX for Change
24 FEBAtlantaUnited StatesTechnologists of Color Tech Talks
24 FEBDallasUnited StatesThis Changes Everything Film Screening
24 FEBLondonUnited Kingdomi4dAfrica
25 FEBSydneyAustraliaDocker in Production [Sydney]
MAR 2016
1 MARSydneyAustraliaRetail Leaders Forum - 10% discount with code SPX10
2 MARDallasUnited StatesGeeknight Meetup
9 MARAtlantaUnited StatesThe Atlanta Ruby Group Monthly Meet-Up
14 MARAustinUnited StatesSxSW
23 MARNew YorkUnited StatesWrite/Speak/Code: How to Put Together a Tech Talk