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Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

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DEC 2016
5 DECNew YorkUnited StatesEthical Tech: Ethics of Algorithms
6 DECChicagoUnited StatesChicago Ruby Meetup
6 DECDallasUnited StatesTech Radar
7 DECNew YorkUnited StatesHardware Hack Lab
7 DECNew YorkUnited StatesLeague of Women Coders
7 DECLondonUnited KingdomNetsquared London
7 DECDallasUnited StatesGeeknight Meetup
7 DECLondonUnited KingdomNet Squared
8 DECLondonUnited Kingdom23 Code Street
8 DECNew YorkUnited StatesWomen in VR Meet-Up
8 DECNew YorkUnited StatesSoftware Craftsmanship Meet-Up
10 DECNew YorkUnited StatesBuild for Justice: Designing Civic Engagement
10 DECQuitoEcuadorThoughtWorker en un día
13 DECHamburgGermanyTech in the humanitarian sector
14 DECNew YorkUnited StatesHardware Hack Lab
14 DECLondonUnited KingdomHack Brexit
14 DECLondonUnited KingdomHackWorks by ThoughtWorks
15 DECDallasUnited StatesDiversity in Technology Meetup
17 DECXi'anChinaXi'an DevOps Meetup
17 DECChicagoUnited StatesBooks and Breakfast
17 DECChengduChinaBQMeetUp Chengdu(Better Quality Meet Up)
17 DECWuhanChinaChina Agile Tour Wuhan
20 DECBeijingChinaBQMeetUp Beijing (Better Quality Meet Up)
JAN 2017
3 JANChicagoUnited StatesChicago Ruby Meetup
28 JANChicagoUnited StatesBooks and Breakfast
FEB 2017
2 FEBCape TownSouth AfricaRubyfuza 2017
7 FEBChicagoUnited StatesChicago Ruby Meetup
25 FEBChicagoUnited StatesBooks and Breakfast
MAR 2017
7 MARChicagoUnited StatesChicago Ruby Meetup
25 MARChicagoUnited StatesBooks and Breakfast
APR 2017
4 APRChicagoUnited StatesChicago Ruby Meetup
15 APRChicagoUnited StatesBooks and Breakfast
MAY 2017
2 MAYChicagoUnited StatesChicago Ruby Meetup
27 MAYChicagoUnited StatesBooks and Breakfast
JUN 2017
6 JUNChicagoUnited StatesChicago Ruby Meetup
JUL 2017
4 JULChicagoUnited StatesChicago Ruby Meetup