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Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

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ThoughtWorks Live UK is an executive breakfast series that tackles business, technology and leadership challenges faced by senior leaders. We explore forward-thinking digital strategies that the leaders must learn to thrive in this dynamic world of technological disruptions, where the agile challengers are upending business models every day. Register your interest for April 2019 event where we will discuss how to accelerate digital change by leveraging your existing technology and continuously innovate to stay on top of your game.
ThoughtWorks Engineering for Research Symposium is a by-invitation-only forum for scientists, engineers, and academicians in the field of scientific research, to collaborate in their pursuits to understand and manage complex systems. This year, we address the need for a new approach to understanding and computing complex systems, ranging from physical sciences like quantum mechanics & cosmology to physiology, ecology, economics, and engineering.

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FEB 2019
19 FEBSingaporeSingaporeThoughtWorks Talks Tech: Capturing Spark Data Pipeline Errors with Monads
19 FEBHamburgGermanyHow to build a culture of trust and empowerment! with Agile People Hamburg
20 FEBNew YorkUnited StatesHardware Hack Lab
20 FEBMunichGermanyEscape Room
20 FEBLondonUnited KingdomTechnology Radar Vol 19
20 FEBBarcelonaSpainEmpowering Lighting Talks | Gender Justice
21 FEBCologneGermanyForecasting Training - A #NoEstimates Workshop
21 FEBCologneGermanyCryptoparty
21 FEBHamburgGermanyCryptoparty Hamburg Reboot
22 FEBChennaiIndia"Designing Microservices" - Hands on Hiring workshop
23 FEBMunichGermanyEscape Room
23 FEBNew YorkUnited StatesNanohackers
24 FEBHamburgGermanyZero Waste mit Wasteland Rebel: Vortrag, Fragerunde, Meet & Greet
26 FEBMelbourneAustraliaBy ThoughtWorks Tech Talk: Social Implications of Bias in Machine Learning
26 FEBHamburgGermanyTW hosts: Moin & Machen Workshop: Mehr Zeit, um Gutes zu tun!
28 FEBHamburgGermanyClimate Hub Hamburg presents Climate Talks: Agriculture & Land Use
28 FEBSan FranciscoUnited StatesTW Hosts: GAME PITCH NIGHT
MAR 2019
4 MARBarcelonaSpainTW Host | Barcelona Bugbusters Meetup
5 MARSydneyAustraliaBy ThoughtWorks Tech Talk: Emerging Best Practices for Machine Learning Engineering
6 MARAtlantaUnited StatesDevNexus
7 MARGurgaonIndiaGeek Night
8 MARChennaiIndiaWebServices Testing Hiring Workshop
19 MARCologneGermanyJavaland 2019
19 MARBrisbaneAustraliaBy ThoughtWorks Tech Talk: Emerging Best Practices for Machine Learning Engineering
21 MARCologneGermanyCryptoparty
APR 2019
13 APRSan FranciscoUnited StatesWomen Who Code CONNECT
23 APRSingaporeSingaporeXConf Singapore
29 APRNew YorkUnited StatesLead Developer Conference
30 APRLondonUnited KingdomThoughtWorks Live UK - Revolutionary Enterprises: Enabling the Future Organisation. Fast.
OCT 2019
1 OCTLondonUnited KingdomThoughtWorks Live UK 2019 (Part II)