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Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

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NOV 2015
24 NOVManchesterUnited KingdomA Glimpse Into the Future: The Internet of Things
24 NOVLondonUnited KingdomTech Jobs of the Future
24 NOVBrisbaneAustraliaMaintaining software quality in a fast paced environment
25 NOVLondonUnited KingdomA Glimpse Into the Future: Internet of Things with Mat Henshall
25 NOVHamburgGermanyTechnology Radar
25 NOVManchesterUnited KingdomMyths of Microservices
26 NOVShanghaiChinaThe 2nd GeekSeek Workshop Shanghai
27 NOVSantiagoChileEstaremos en ScrumDay Chile
27 NOVLondonUnited KingdomAnsible London
28 NOVBangaloreIndiaConverge - Disruptive Product Innovation in the Digital Economy
28 NOVLondonUnited KingdomEverything you always wanted to know about tech - but were afraid to ask!
28 NOVWuhanChinaThe 2nd GeekSeek Workshop Wuhan
28 NOVBangaloreIndiaConverge
DEC 2015
1 DECHamburgGermanyThoughtWorks presents...What'­s up with cryptography?
1 DECDallasUnited StatesElasticsearch Meetup
1 DECNew YorkUnited StatesA talk on 'Musicians & Digital' with Larry Miller of Musonomics & Blake Morgan, musician
1 DECShenzhenChinaThe 2nd GeekSeek Workshop Shenzhen
1 DECLondonUnited KingdomLondon Product Club
1 DECBerlinGermanyTW presents: The roles in our teams
2 DECBerlinGermanyTechnology Radar Presentation
2 DECDallasUnited StatesGeeknight Meetup
3 DECSingaporeSingaporeSingapore Scala Meetup - Pokerhand coding Dojo
3 DECDallasUnited StatesHoliday Meetup Mashup
3 DECPhiladelphiaUnited StatesTech Talks: Clojure & Functional Programming
4 DECBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
4 DECHaikouChinaThe 2nd GeekSeek Workshop Haikou
9 DECDallasUnited StatesPapers We Love, Dallas Meetup
9 DECNew YorkUnited StatesNYC Ruby Roundtable
10 DECCologneGermanyA programmer is...
10 DECManchesterUnited KingdomTechnology Radar
15 DECLondonUnited KingdomMissing Maps
17 DECNew YorkUnited StatesHIVE NYC Holiday Party
17 DECDallasUnited StatesDallas Blacks in Technology Meetup
JAN 2016
5 JANBerlinGermanyTW presents: The big Tower Challenge
8 JANBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
15 JANBerlinGermanyUnicorns in Tech Meetup