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Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

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A breakfast event for courageous business executives who are leading organisation-wide digital transformation initiatives. Join us on 3 October to explore how you can build a data-guided business by leveraging the power of AI and machine learning to help make business decisions informed by data.
ParadigmShift is an invite only experience that brings together senior executives, industry thought leaders, and innovators to explore the future to create competitive advantage today. Once a year, we convene in a different city to forge new connections and exchange transformative ideas in a unique setting.
ThoughtWorks Live India is India region's annual flagship invitation-only conference that brings together courageous executives, industry thought leaders and digital experts for an evening of power-packed discussions. This year, we focus on how leaders can drive sustainable digital transformation and nurture an information ecosystem by leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, at the core of the business.

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SEP 2018
25 SEPHamburgGermanyThoughtWorks hosts: Changestarters "Moin & Machen" mit On Purpose
26 SEPCOLOGNEGermanyuXchange #4
26 SEPHamburgGermanyMotivational toolkit: Using enthusiasm in daily life interactions with others
OCT 2018
2 OCTBerlinGermanyTW Presents: The Business Value Of Quality
3 OCTLondonUnited KingdomThoughtWorks Live: The Data Guided Business
8 OCTBerlinGermanyTW hosts: Let's discuss "Articulating Design Decisions"
8 OCTBarcelonaSpainThoughtWorks presents: Ada Lovelace Day
10 OCTHamburgGermanyTW hosts: How to inspire and motivate for success with Agile People Hamburg
11 OCTMunichGermanyher career
12 OCTMunichGermanyher career
13 OCTDallasUnited StatesXConf Dallas
16 OCTBERLINGermany1. IoT HackNight by ThoughtWorks & Connected Living
18 OCTLondonUnited KingdomHack Your Career: Intro to Tech
18 OCTHamburgGermanyThoughtWorks hosts: Climate Hub Hamburg
31 OCTBerlinGermanyGOTO Berlin
NOV 2018
1 NOVBerlinGermanyGOTO Berlin
2 NOVBerlinGermanyGOTO Berlin
13 NOVBerlinGermanyAgile Testing Days
14 NOVBerlinGermanyAgile Testing Days
15 NOVBerlinGermanyAgile Testing Days