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Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

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NOV 2015
28 NOVBangaloreIndiaConverge
28 NOVBangaloreIndiaConverge - Disruptive Product Innovation in the Digital Economy
28 NOVLondonUnited KingdomEverything you always wanted to know about tech - but were afraid to ask!
28 NOVWuhanChinaThe 2nd GeekSeek Workshop Wuhan
DEC 2015
1 DECHamburgGermanyThoughtWorks presents...What'­s up with cryptography?
1 DECShenzhenChinaThe 2nd GeekSeek Workshop Shenzhen
1 DECDallasUnited StatesElasticsearch Meetup
1 DECNew YorkUnited StatesA talk on 'Musicians & Digital' with Larry Miller of Musonomics & Blake Morgan, musician
1 DECLondonUnited KingdomLondon Product Club
1 DECBerlinGermanyTW presents: The roles in our teams
2 DECBerlinGermanyTechnology Radar Presentation
2 DECDallasUnited StatesGeeknight Meetup
3 DECPhiladelphiaUnited StatesTech Talks: Clojure & Functional Programming
3 DECDallasUnited StatesHoliday Meetup Mashup
3 DECSingaporeSingaporeSingapore Scala Meetup - Pokerhand coding Dojo
4 DECBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
4 DECHaikouChinaThe 2nd GeekSeek Workshop Haikou
9 DECDallasUnited StatesPapers We Love, Dallas Meetup
9 DECNew YorkUnited StatesNYC Ruby Roundtable
10 DECCologneGermanyA programmer is...
10 DECManchesterUnited KingdomTechnology Radar
12 DECBangaloreIndiavodQA Shots: Automation - The Mobile Way
15 DECLondonUnited KingdomMissing Maps
16 DECSingaporeSingaporevodQA - Passionate Talks
17 DECDallasUnited StatesDallas Blacks in Technology Meetup
17 DECNew YorkUnited StatesHIVE NYC Holiday Party
JAN 2016
5 JANBerlinGermanyTW presents: The big Tower Challenge
8 JANBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
15 JANBerlinGermanyUnicorns in Tech Meetup