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Reimagining the store of the future


January 13, 4 - 5 PM IST


Retailers across the globe are increasing their investments on store tech to differentiate themselves amidst the burgeoning marketplaces. The battle for digital supremacy is not an e-commerce exclusive game anymore. Stores will continue to play an important role in nurturing customer relationships and bringing differentiated experiences.


In this edition of Retail Rendezvous, retail leaders discuss how, when and where they see the store of the future.


The discussion topics:

  •  What is the 'store of the future' and what the drivers are for the transformation
  • What store digitalisation could translate to over the next two, five and ten year horizons

  • Cashierless stores - a reality or a grand pilot?

  • Key experiments in store innovation 

  • Key lessons from the pandemic that are influencing the role of stores


Sunil Aravindakshan
Sunil Aravindakshan

Director - Stores, Falabella


Sunil possesses a notable experience spanning 20 years across diverse areas such as stores retail, product development, monolithic to microservice transformation, and store digital transformation. He has a proven record of conceptualizing and delivering technology solutions in line with organizational needs. At Falabella, Sunil is responsible for delivering platform strategy and customer experiences for InStore systems. He oversees building retail checkout systems which include Self-checkout, Point of Sale, mobile POS, Kiosks, Scan and Go for all the three retail formats of the group. Adding to his technical and domain skills, he has expertise in diverse and multicultural global team building, strong networking, partner relationship management and mentoring.

Karthikeyan S
Karthikeyan S

Head of Software Development - Retail Solutions, Tesco


Karthikeyan (Karthik) heads the software development for Store Platform, Stored Value and Safe/Secure teams in Tesco. He is passionate about improving customer and colleague journeys using technology, enabling teams to succeed, and setting them up for success. Before moving to Tesco, Karthik led a team of multiple tech leads and architects that built a scalable Identity verification platform for Amazon. Karthik likes to spend his free time reading a mix of fiction and non-fiction books, playing cricket with his son or sprinting with him, and experimenting with new exotic dishes in the kitchen.

Shantala Raman
Shantala Raman

Retail Product Owner, Thoughtworks (moderator)


Shantala is a Retail product owner at Thoughtworks with overall industry experience of over 22 years. She is passionate about building the right products and doing the right things for the customer and not just doing things right. She has an eye for detail, loves getting her hands dirty with problem solving and in finding simple solutions to complex problems.

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Past edition: Powering the next decade of digital acceleration in retail


Global e-commerce has steadily risen over the past five years. Businesses had already begun the adoption of digitization and the pandemic only accelerated this. Declining profitability and evolving customer preferences brought about the urgent need to transform business models and reimagine customer experiences. In this insightful conversation, retail leaders spearheading digital transformation and omnichannel strategies discuss the role of technology, ecosystems and customer experience in powering digital acceleration for retail.


Topics covered include:

  • Foundational technology that will enable digital acceleration

  • The role of partnerships and ecosystems in digital acceleration 

  • Digital experiences in the omnichannel world where store and online experiences overlap

  • Big technology bets over the next three, five and ten years

The recording

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