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Retail Rendezvous
Retail Rendezvous

Retail Rendezvous

Retail Rendezvous is a series of thought leadership conversations with leaders who are reimagining retail business models and shopping experiences for customers. It is our attempt to explore the evolving retail landscape and the influence technology has in shaping this transformation.


Edition 05: Driving extraordinary intelligence, insights and impact with Data and AI



Data and AI’s potential are common knowledge today. The technologies are reshaping every industry including the retail sector. However, the hard truth is data and AI have yet to be harnessed to their fullest – to fuel better decision making and performance across the retail value chain and customer experience. Infact, the lack of connected data across functions is cause for the failure of more than 70% of transformation initiatives undertaken by retailers.


The slow uptake for data and AI tech is leaving an immense untapped global potential that could otherwise unlock new sources of value and deliver exceptional digital products, platforms and experiences at scale.


In the last editon of Retail Rendezvous, leaders driving data initiatives in the retail and commerce space discussed how data can create extraordinary impact for customers, internal stakeholders and partners - within and across ecosystems.


The topics covered:

  • Leaders’ journeys towards integrating data and analytics into various lines of business across the enterprise

  • Their approach to value articulation, justifying data investments and demonstrating ROI of platforms and data initiatives

  • The challenges retail leaders are grappling with when cultivating and nurturing a data driven culture

  • Perspectives on constructs such as data mesh, domain data as a product, continuous delivery for ML (CD4ML) for value maximization

  • Expert opinions on promising investments in the space of Data and specifically AI/ML

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