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Retail Rendezvous
Retail Rendezvous

Retail Rendezvous


Bringing the transformative power of generative AI to retail and commerce


In this on-demand panel discussion you will gain insights from retail executives on how generative AI (genAI) is revolutionizing the retail and commerce sectors. In this panel discussion discover firsthand how genAI is optimizing operations, driving efficiency and transforming businesses. In 50 minutes you'll hear:


  • The unprecedented impact of GenAI in retail: Gain insights into the current state and adoption of GenAI within the retail value chain.


  • How GenAI is revolutionizing retail jobs: Explore the significant potential of GenAI for roles such as merchandisers, marketers and customer service agents.


  • Tips and pitfalls to unlocking the potential of AI: Discuss best practices and potential challenges for harnessing the value of AI.


  • How to start and scale: Examine which use cases are the most compelling, with tips to start and scale beyond proofs of concept.


The panelists

David Behlich

David Behlich

Head of Product



Neeraj Bholani

Neeraj Bholani

Senior Engineering Manager, E-commerce

John Deere

Sanjeev Athreya

Head of Retail, CPG and Commerce Practice


Anitha Rajagopalan

Retail and Commerce Industry Principal


Panel moderator: Preetisudha Pandab

Retail and Commerce Industry Principal



The recording

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