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Retail Rendezvous
Retail Rendezvous

Retail Rendezvous


Discussion: How ONDC is Revolutionizing Commerce and Mobility in India


June 9, 4 - 5 PM IST


Open Network for Digital Commerce or ONDC is India’s groundbreaking initiative that aims to create open protocols for digital transactions involving goods and services. ONDC is expected to democratize e-commerce and mobility, and provide a level playing field for all stakeholders across the ecosystem. This will promote fair competition and inhibit dependency on only a few players in the process.


The evolution of ONDC has been gradual but steady. The government has launched several pilot projects in phases across the country. Several buyer, seller, logistics and ride-hailing apps are already onboarded and functional on ONDC such as Namma Yatri, PayTM and Delhivery. Some challenges remain and are being addressed, but the journey ahead looks exciting and promising.


In this episode of Retail Rendezvous, our panelists who are deeply involved in the development and adoption of ONDC discuss the following topics:


  • ONDC journey and key milestones 

  • The India stack and role of ONDC

  • A glimpse into the mobility space, the current state and the challenges

  • How ONDC is transforming mobility

  • The value of technologists in building the ONDC network

The panelists

Image of panelist Nitin Nair
Nitin Nair

Senior Vice President at ONDC


Nitin leads the South India business of ONDC, along with a pan India responsibility for the Mobility domain. He is a part of the Network Expansion team that spearheads growth of the ONDC network by bringing in network participants. Before ONDC, Nitin led the Connected Cars business of Nissan Motors and led the setup and growth of the global ride-hailing app UBER in Kerala. Nitin also spent over 10 years with Ernst & Young where he advised clients in India, the Middle East and Europe.


Image of panelist Magizhan Selvan
Magizhan Selvan

Chief Product Officer at Juspay


Magizhan believes that good technology and products implemented on open protocols can have population scale impact. Apart from his current role at Juspay, Magizhan leads product and technology for Namma Yatri. He has also played a key role in multiple ecosystem initiatives such as launch of the BHIM UPI app, prototyping an app in OCEN (Open Credit Enablement Network) and the Yatri app on Beckn Protocol. 

Image of panelist Sanjeev Athreya
Sanjeev Athreya

Head of Retail and Commerce at Thoughtworks


Sanjeev has a background as a retailer and retail business consultant. He has held roles in retail operations, category management, business process compliance, voice of customer and defining retail strategy. Over the years he has helped build the retail business consulting practice in the IT services space. At Thoughtworks, Sanjeev's responsibilities include shaping demand and capability, creating thought leadership and growing the commerce footprint across the globe.

Image of panelist Virapandy Thulasimani
Virapandy Thulasimani

Retail and Commerce Specialist at Thoughtworks (Retail Rendezvous' Moderator)


Virapandy has worked with organizations across the US, Latin America and Europe, crafting transformational solutions in the areas of store modernization, merchandize management, forecasting and omnichannel experiences. He has over 14 years of experience in the IT industry, working at the cusp of technology, people and process. He is currently engaged in  ONDC mobility, transport and travel, and increasing their adoption.

The recording

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