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24 July, 2024 | 6pm CET

From aspiration to reality:

Putting data to work in aviation

From aspiration to reality: putting data to work in aviation


The aviation industry is on the cusp of a data-driven revolution. From optimizing operations to personalizing the customer journey, airlines are recognizing the immense potential of data to gain a competitive edge.


Join Cathryn Arnold (ex CTO for Jetstar Airways), Shivaprasad Nayak (Head of Enterprise Data and AI Architecture for easyJet) and our moderator Chris Ford (Tech Director for Retail, Consumer, Travel and Transportation for Thoughtworks) in a thought-provoking conversation around how data can be the game changer to your company strategy. 


Don't miss this webinar if you’re interested in gathering insights on:


  • How aviation stacks up against other industries in generating value from data?

  • What are the emerging areas where data can drive success for airlines?

  • Data Management Strategies - to buy or to build?

  • How might data-driven personalization address the perennial challenge of low margins in the aviation industry? 

  • Are GDSes and travel agents a help or a hindrance in building customer engagement?

  • What are airlines doing about the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding data privacy and security?

  • How can airlines take advantage of AI solutions without losing the human touch that keeps passengers loyal?




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Meet the speakers

Headshot of Cathryn Arnold
Cathryn Arnold

Ex CTO, Jetstar Airways


Cathryn Arnold has built a career in the airline industry with roles focused on the customer, digital and technology, and as the former Chief Technology Officer at Jetstar has transformed how technology and digital drives value and enables better customer and employee experience. 


A career spanning Europe, USA and Asia across many Airlines and Travel Businesses, Cathryn is driven by the customer and the people that drive the best experiences through the use of data and technology.

Headshot of Shivaprasad Nayak
Shivaprasad Nayak

Head of Enterprise Data and AI Architecture, easyJet


Shiv is a passionate Data & AI Architect, operating at senior Enterprise Architecture level within the Data & Analytics Domain.  Currently he is the Enterprise Data  & AI Architect at the Europe's leading Airline company, easyJet, where he is a key member of the IT & Strategy leadership team defining the analytic and data science strategic direction and digital transformation of the business. 


He started his career as a practitioner in the ETL & Reporting area.  Over the last decade his career has accelerated with a journey through Architecture Roles and managing Data & analytic strategy, transformation, and delivery across multiple industries both consultancy and client side including, Telecoms, Retail, Travel, and Insurance industries. 


Shiv is very much a strategic thinker and solution provider along with collaboration and mentoring with the team. He has a natural passion for driving excellence in driving business strategy and IT strategy and innovation.  He is passionate about his profession and advocates the possibilities with data and analytics with thought leadership, best practice and encouraging areas such as diversity to develop, nurture and recruit talent into data architecture, analytics, and data science, which is pivotal to business success in today’s demand for digital transformation.

Headshot of Chris Ford
Chris Ford

Tech Director for Retail, Consumer, Travel and Transportation, Thoughtworks


Chris Ford is Thoughtworks’ Technology Director for Retail, Consumer, Travel and Transportation across Europe. In this role he brings Thoughtworks’ substantial global aviation and consumer experience to bear for the benefit his clients in Europe.


He has a broad knowledge of the literature and practices in diverse areas of modern software delivery and is a recognised expert in data, architecture, and agile software development. He actively shares his insights through public speaking and writing, keeping you informed about the latest trends and best practices.


Chris offers contextualised advice, helping you navigate the complex intersection of business and technology to solve your knottiest problems. In fact, he has supported aviation companies, airlines, retailers and other organisations in Australia, UK, US, India, Uganda, Spain and Germany to improve their software delivery effectiveness.