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Scaling Machine Learning

with Data Mesh

Thank you for attending the Tech-Talks event hosted by Thoughtworks Romania, this time in person, at our HQ in Bucharest. 


Our guest speakers were Ina Iovițoiu, Lead Data Scientist at Thoughtworks Romania, and Shawn Kyzer, Data Engineer & Principal Consultant for Thoughtworks Spain


Focused on what we have learned about Machine Learning so far and where it could take us in conjunction with Data Mesh, the talk aims to offer fresh perspectives on how to easily provision and deploy infrastructure reducing time to market while also gaining all the benefits of Data Mesh.  We’ll also have an open discussion on AI transparency, analyzing to what extent we can talk about fairness when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.



Scaling machine learning with data mesh + Q&A

Shawn Kyzer

Shawn Kyzer, Data Engineer and Principal consultant for Thoughtworks Spain, will present the newest insights and trends on this very actual topic. 


AI Transparency + Q&A

Ina Iovitoiu

Our second speaker is Ina Iovițoiu, Lead Data Scientist at Thoughtworks Romania. She has a Keynote on AI transparency, sharing new perspectives on AI bias and fairness.


The recordings

AI Transparency - Ina Iovitoiu
Learn more about Ina
Scaling machine learning with data mesh - Shawn Kyzer

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