Explore, Exploit, and Transform Your Way to a Digital Future

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'The organisation, as opposed to the technology, is now one of the biggest barriers to innovation'.

Disruption isn't a new concept. Throughout history it has been ever present, driving us from hunting to agriculture, from industry to today's digital era. More than ever customers are at the heart of what we do. Leslie describes how the customer has become the new CEO of your business, and as such, the purpose of all organisations has moved beyond 'shareholder value', to include 'customer centricity'. 

This talk explores the Explore, Exploit, Sustain model for Building A Digitally-led Business. He discusses the cost of experimentation in each stage, how to incorporate feedback, and build the capabilities necessary to shift the idea into a core offering of the business. Lessons can be learnt from every stage to become a resilient and adaptable organisation.

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Leslie Barry

Leslie Barry

Head of Innovation, ThoughtWorks Australia

Leslie works with funded startups and enterprise customers who are looking at embracing digital innovation to protect and grow their business. His enterprise and start-up experience helps create the ability to innovate and drive change through innovation labs, open innovation and organisational design approaches. He works closely with technology teams to create the execution capability for these clients.

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