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Tech-enabled sustainability: Closing the execution gap

Podcast host Karen Dumville | Podcast guest Andy Nolan and Kathleen Walker
October 24, 2023 | 31 min 54 sec

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Brief summary

In today's landscape, organizational sustainability has become a prevailing concern, as companies publicly pledge to meet sustainability goals. Nonetheless, current approaches often miss the mark in generating substantial impact. Join Kathleen Walker, Sustainability Advisor, and Andy Nolan, Director of Emerging Technology at Thoughtworks Australia, as they delve into effective strategies for leaders to enhance performance, foster innovation, and unlock value through tech-enabled sustainability initiatives.

Episode Highlights


  • Sustainability is now a mainstream commercial and social concern encompassing environmental, social, and governance considerations relevant to organizations.
  • Different organizations have varied sustainability priorities. For instance, digital organizations may emphasize cybersecurity, while retailers or manufacturers might focus on waste reduction.


  • Organizations are increasingly held accountable for their sustainability performance due to global legislation and regulations, especially in the realm of climate issues.


  • Many organizations struggle with the "sustainability execution gap," meaning they set ambitious sustainability targets but lack the transformative programs needed to meet them.


  • Technology can play a crucial role in addressing sustainability challenges. It provides data for decision-making and helps assign accountability within organizations.


  • Automation of data collection is crucial for timely and relevant sustainability information. Manual processes are costly and time-consuming.


  • Empowering teams across an organization to take ownership of sustainability initiatives and measure their performance is key to successful execution.


  • Organizations need to carefully consider and select technology solutions that align with their sustainability goals. Avoiding over-investment and ensuring tools integrate with existing tech stacks is important.


  • Sustainability leaders should familiarize themselves with technology processes and engage proactively with tech counterparts to drive sustainability initiatives effectively.


  • Tech leaders have a significant role in leveraging technology to scale sustainability efforts. They can use technology to optimize operations, track and report on sustainability metrics, and drive positive change.

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