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Technology proficiency: the new imperative for business growth

Podcast host Karen Dumville | Podcast guest Jessie Jie Xia, MD of Southeast Asia & Sudhir Tiwari, MD of India
July 15, 2021 | 38 min 16 sec

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Brief summary

A recent study shows there is a close correlation between technology proficiency and business growth. How does your organization’s level of digital proficiency compare to competitor brands in your market? How can you build technology as a culture into your organization at all levels? In this podcast, we discuss the advantages that lie in technology proficiency existing beyond the office of CIO and the impacts in business growth across regions.   

Episode highlights

  • In today's market, enterprises that are flourishing are the ones that have put technology proficiency at the core of their business, according to a survey commissioned by Thoughtworks of over 900 C-suite decision-makers across 12 countries, 
  • In comparison to global counterparts, almost 60% of Singaporean companies are looking to improve operational efficiency as a key priority for the year ahead.
  • A new mega trend in India is the proliferation of marketplaces where buyers, sellers, financers all come together. Rather than the B2C segment, the B2B segment is embracing technology through the concept of online and offline coexisting.
  • Considerations for technology as a culture: technology informs business strategy and everyday business planning; tech as part of boardroom culture; and prioritizing technology from the top down. 
  • When employees have a deeper understanding of tech's positive impact, they can think wider and deeper about how best to use technology to help their day-to-day work. 
  • Some challenges of driving transformation are due to: silos between technology and business; complicated funding processes; organizational structure and operating models.
  • Business execs are investing more time in learning technology. The way technology is evolving, organizations need to bring in people with that tech background on those senior meetings and consider reverse mentoring to help business execs pick up technology quickly.  
  • The war for talent is on. Leaders with high technology proficiency will have more knowledge on how technologists can create value and can build a culture and the environment to attract the right talent. People will not move to you if they don't feel that the organization's thinking embraces the latest technology, the newest ideas.


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