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Unlocking the Power of Customer Experience Data

Podcast host Christoph Windheuser | Podcast guest Radu Immenroth
October 25, 2019 | 24 min 11 sec

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Interest in data and what can be done with it has hit an all-time high, and organizations are rushing to capture more and more of it. In this episode, Christoph Windheuser, Global Lead of Intelligent Empowerment at Thoughtworks, interviews Questback CTO, Radu Immenroth to explore how Questback built the infrastructure needed to manage and use their vast amount of customer data.


Feedback data is about people’s thoughts and emotions, how they experience specific situations, what they like, what they think will work in the future, and why they have done something. 

Products are becoming more and more similar so for a lot of enterprises, customer experience is the key differentiating factor. Feedback data, or experience management data, allows companies to measure the customer perception across a series of interactions, with the goal of closing any experience gaps. 

The next generation of feedback software is infused with machine learning and artificial intelligence, making it smarter and more accessible to more people. Questback is in the middle of it, delivering end-to-end software that gathers the data, does analysis, identifies insights, and recommends an action plan to fix any issues. 

The use of AI and ML in feedback software allows Questback to scale the impact of human experts, it is not trying to replace them. The bots need to be trained by the experts, and they will always phone home if a task is too hard to accomplish. 

Questback creates feedback graphs which are built by experts and enriched with machine learning. This combination of connectionist and symbolic approaches to AI is used similarly by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Salesforce to create knowledge graphs. 

Quantitative feedback data is extremely important, but a lot of the true insight and aha moments come from comments or discussions. Natural language processing and sentiment recognition make feedback easier for respondents, and are used to collect the data from comments, video, audio and biometrics. 

We truly believe that the feedback data belongs to the respondents and to the organizations that got it. We fully integrate GDPR rules into our data strategy and we follow the open data initiative to make it easy to take data out of our system and integrate it with your other data types including transactional, HR, CRM, and ERP. 

Yes, digital transformation is about technology, but it’s actually more about people and enabling people to use technology. It’s about agility, speed of innovation, being able to change course quickly, and try something out quickly. And from an organizational perspective, it’s about autonomous empowered teams. 

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