We are passionate about harnessing the power of the Internet for social and economic liberation. Our vision is for an open Internet that is a public and democratic space for online collaboration, a forum for information dissemination and a tool for organizing. We seek to protect the Internet from forces that undermine its potential to fulfill this vision.

We dream of a transparent Internet where the public is presented with the facts that are relevant to effective participation in the process of self-governance. As such, we recognize and support those who speak truth to power, expose wrongdoing and agitate for progress.

We believe that our social justice purpose is served by the liberation of theoretical and practical knowledge that can be used for the betterment of humanity. The free Internet is critical to this because it is the technology that we use to connect and share this knowledge with each other. Accordingly, we call on all countries to prioritize investment in infrastructure to ensure meaningful access to the Internet for all.

Privacy is fundamental to the maintenance of a free society and the balance between privacy and increased security must be publicly debated and carefully considered by thoughtful leaders from government, civil society, and the tech industry.

In the digital age, we have all come to trust service providers and expect privacy. Thoughtworks encourages vigilance to ensure that this trust is not misplaced and the expectation of privacy is not unfounded.