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Thoughtworks infrastructure developers are responsible for the knowledge, ideas, and hands-on implementation skills needed to deliver and run software services. They help our clients adopt DevOps approaches, break out of rigid, traditional ways of working and move to a more customer-focused and agile approach.


At Thoughtworks, infrastructure developers have a hands-on involvement in building deployment and testing pipelines, automated provisioning of cloud infrastructure, and infrastructure support services such as monitoring.


As consultants, region by region our arrangements differ - we may be based in a Thoughtworks office, or on client site. But in every region, infrastructure developers are critical in guiding our work to success, and so making our clients successful.

A rewarding place to be, where the perks are much bigger than coffee

A real commitment to “changing the face of IT” — our way of thinking about diversity and inclusion. Over the past ten years, we’ve implemented several initiatives to make Thoughtworks a welcoming home to technologists of all stripes. We’re actively working towards true gender balance for our business and our industry, and you’ll see that diversity reflected on our project teams and in our offices.


Continuous learning. You’ll be exposed to new languages, frameworks and ideas from your peers and on different projects—challenging you to stay at the top of your game.


No pigeon-holing. At Thoughtworks, there’s no “applying” to new roles. With time, you’ll build trust and credibility and find opportunities to try out new roles such as QA or BA. 


Time, resources, and support to help you grow as a technologist beyond your day job. That’s why you’ll find more than 80 books authored by Thoughtworkers and our people on stage at conferences all over the world. We are a community of passionate technologists who love to learn, share and support your endeavors, whatever they may be. We also offer financial reimbursement to help you attend conferences. 


An organizational commitment to social responsibility. All around the world, you’ll find Thoughtworks supporting great causes and organizations in both official and unofficial capacities.