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DevTalks 2023

June 21 & 22 - Romexpo, B1 Pavilion
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We're proud to be a Gold Partner at DevTalks 2023

DevTalks has become a driver of change for the tech world, known as the most desired expo-conference for developers and IT professionals in Romania. Thus, DevTalks network is succeeding to cover all year with valuable content and gatherings of the IT Community enlarging the network to more than 40.000 IT professionals and developers from all over Romania and internationally.


We can't wait to have some great conversations at our booth. Come meet with Thoughtworks team, take the challenges we have prepared for you and win some nice prizes!


Join us on June 21-22 at Romexpo, B1 Pavilion!

Thoughtworks' session - Main Stage

June 21, 2023

11:40 - 12:10

The right fit - behind a staffing recommendation system

Ina Iovitoiu

We have all experienced product recommendations on an e-commerce website and wondered how the system can delight us with such personalized offers that we cannot refuse. But would this work in a different setup? Say we have a project opportunity, available Thoughtworkers and the mission to provide staffing recommendations that take into account the capability matrix needed for the job, time zones, team mix, upcoming planned vacations, personal preferences, etc.  

There are two challenges which must be addressed when designing a recommended system for staffing: explainability and fairness. When bridging the gap between demand and supply, we have to know the reasoning behind automatically recommending a Thoughtworker for a position and making sure that the reasoning is not biased in any way. Because, when dealing with people, transparency is key.

Thoughtworks' speaker

Ina Iovitoiu woman

Ina Iovitoiu

Data Scientist Lead


With more than 10 years of experience around data, Ina is a Data Scientist Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks Romania. Her expertise covers various industries from banking to telco and digital.

Her work is based on her deep interest in end-to-end machine learning pipelines, models explainability, experiment design, and AI bias and fairness, for a more inclusive future. Passionate about travel, she also enjoys reading and yoga.

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