Infrastructure Design Patterns

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Many of us adopted automation tools to help us manage the continuously shifting sprawl that our infrastructure has become, thanks to virtualization and the cloud. But we've moved beyond using tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible to install and configure what's on our servers, to using tools like Terraform and CloudFormation to orchestrate larger swathes of infrastructure.

As more of our infrastructure is managed by code, our infrastructure codebase grows, as does the number of different teams using it and working on it.

As an industry we're still new at this, so we're still discovering effective way to design and structure our infrastructure. This talk will explore some of the challenges and approaches to structuring environments. The goals are to ensure that multiple people and teams can understand and change infrastructure rapidly, reliably, and safely.

Kief Morris

Kief Morris

Principal Cloud Technologist

Kief enjoys helping organisations adopt cloud age technologies and practices. This usually involves buzzwords like cloud, digital platforms, infrastructure automation, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery.
Originally from Tennessee, Kief has been been building teams to deliver software as a service in London since the dotcom days. He is the author of Infrastructure as Code, published by O'Reilly.
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