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Responsible Technology: A roadmap for ethical and sustainable innovation

Are you interested in using technology in a more responsible and sustainable way? Responsible Technology is more than just a buzzword; it's becoming increasingly important for organizations to create a fairer, more sustainable, and inclusive world. 


In the talk “The State of Responsible Technology”, we discussed and explored Responsible Tech practices for your business and culture, making this an intrinsic part of your organization's DNA.


Strategies for Responsible Technology are on the rise in the boardroom. This is evident from the MIT Technology Review Insights report. Almost three-quarters of the organizations worldwide believe that Responsible Technology will eventually become just as important as traditional business and financial considerations when using technology.


But... Adopting and building a Responsible Technology strategy can be a complex task. Are you grappling with diverse user requirements, software risks, and data systems? 


The talk can help you start. Experience first-hand from leaders in responsible tech how applying tools help teams to create more responsible and ethical solutions.

Featuring a Q&A with Thoughtworks CTO Dr. Rebecca Parsons, this talk offers you the insights and practical steps to help you build awareness, take action, and ask the tough questions essential for implementing responsible technology.

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Your speakers

Rebecca Parsons, CTO
Rebecca Parsons, CTO

Rebecca Parsons is a renowned software engineer and CTO at Thoughtworks, expert in software development, agile methodologies, and continuous delivery. A strong advocate for diversity in technology, she has been named one of the "Top Women in Tech" by Computer Weekly and co-author of two notable books: "Building Evolutionary Architectures: Support Constant Change" and "Domain-Specific Languages."

Martin ter Horst, Managing Director Thoughtworks Netherlands
Martin ter Horst, Managing Director

Martin ter Horst is passionate about harnessing digital technology to create a better world. Martin joined Thoughtworks in 2021, to establish and expand the presence and impact in the Netherlands. He now leads a talented local team, working alongside global and regional communities to further this vital mission. Join us to gain insights from Martin's expertise and dedication to positive change.

What you will learn:


  • Master responsible tech essentials: Understand the importance of ethical and sustainable innovation in today's rapidly evolving digital world, and why organizations must prioritize it alongside traditional business considerations.

  • Strategies and best practices: Learn the core principles that guide responsible tech, and how these can be integrated into your decision-making processes. 

  • Lessons from MIT: Explore the key findings from the MIT report, including the current state of global adoption, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Local perspectives and needs: Discuss industry-specific insights to responsible technology implementation and learn to tailor your approach effectively. 

  • Tools and frameworks: Explore practical tools that can help your teams design, build, and maintain more responsible, sustainable, and ethical software solutions.

  • Engaging with stakeholders: Learn how to communicate the importance of responsible technology to employees, customers, investors, and regulators.

  • Asking the tough questions: Develop the ability to critically assess technological decisions and practices, by asking the right questions.

  • Q&A with industry leaders: Engage with Dr. Rebecca Parsons, as she shares her experiences, challenges, and successes in implementing responsible technology strategies.