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Working software vs points

I often come across people at management positions who clearly want to manage by tracking only numbers but fail to understand why were those metrics in place. We were part of a six team project, we were asked to go through our requirements and give an estimate including any proof of concepts and study that […]

Vinod Kumaar R
24 May 2018

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[festa de lançamento] em POA – Consciência Digital e Jogos 360 – 22 de maio

O que: festa de lançamento dos livros Consciência Digital do Fabio Pereira e Jogos 360 do Jorge Audy Quando: 22 de maio, às 19h Onde: em Porto Alegre, na livraria Bamboletras no bairro Cidade Baixa (ao lado do bar yellow submarine),  R. Gen. Lima e Silva, 776 Por que: para conversar com os autores, com […]

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Paulo Caroli
17 May 2018

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[editora] livro sobre Histórias do Usuário do Rafael Helm – Qual capa você prefere?

O Rafael Helm está finalizando o último capítulo do seu livro sobre histórias do usuário. Vamos lançá-lo na versão impressa, além de eBook. Assim que sair, te envio um conteúdo promocional e/ou cortesia. Mas precisamos da sua ajuda para escolher a nova capa. Qual dessas capas você prefere? Favor responder com “1”, “2” ou “3” […]

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Paulo Caroli
14 May 2018

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Gator blog
9 May 2018

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How to kill ideas

During our college days (2001) when Bluetooth was in its early stages the Bluetooth SIG (Special interest group) tied up with IEEE and announced a Bluetooth based theme for CSIDC (Computer science international design competition) with good perks like Bluetooth adapters, Windows XP and Visual studio licenses for participants and good prizes. One of our […]

Vinod Kumaar R
9 May 2018

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Everyone wants to buy, but …

Selling something is very hard, I see this very often at my workplace. A successful sale has stories of so many disappointments, setbacks and strong will to persist through tough times. Even after seeing through all this, I get annoyed when I encounter salespeople who run their runbook on me. I want to buy something […]

Vinod Kumaar R
5 May 2018

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[novidade] Jogos 360 agora em versão kindle

Desde que tive de me mudar dos USA para a Índia (em 2008) eu passei carregar vários eBooks comigo. Adoro livros impressos, mas não consigo mais viver sem os eBooks. E hoje eu comemoro a chegada do livro Jogos 360 na versão kindle. Confira a página do livro Jogos 360 (opção de comprar impresso […]

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Paulo Caroli
3 May 2018

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JaCoCo, Gradle, and exclusions

The setup

My team is working on a Java server, as part of a larger project project, using Gradle to build and JaCoCo to measure testing code coverage. The build fails if coverage drops below fixed limits (branch, instruction, and line)—"verification" in JaCoCo-speak.

We follow the strategy of The Ratchet: as dev pairs push commits into the project, code coverage may not drop without group agreement, and if coverage rises, the verification limits rise to match. This ensures we have ever-rising coverage, and avoid new code which lacks adequate testing.

The problem

At a work project, we're struggling…

Brian Oxley
1 May 2018

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Organizing for Innovation, Part II

Last month we defined autonomy by the classes of decisions that are devolved to the team level, specifically that the smallest organizational unit - a team - has the ability to decide what it should do, can do, and will do. Looking at it this way makes clear the sharp differences between autocratic and autonomous management philosophies. It also helps us to understand that there need to be very special conditions for autonomy to succeed, even on a small scale.

It seems plausible that autonomy can work among a small group of people having a natural predisposition to collaborate and… (Ross Pettit)
30 April 2018

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Orchestration And Choreography

Orchestration and Choreography are often discussed as design options for event driven systems. Some use the term interchangeably while others feel that the two are very distinct. I am in the later group in thinking that the two are very distinct and lead to very different implementations and outcomes.

When thinking about these two patterns I find it helpful to relate their behaviors to the most popular implementations - music and dance.

In orchestral music the conductor is a key component to a successful production. Each person in the orchestra seeks guidance from this central figure. The conductor responds to…

Graham Brooks
29 April 2018

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How to break a Monolith into Microservices

As monolithic systems become too large to deal with, many enterprises are drawn to breaking them down into the microservices architectural style. It is a worthwhile journey, but not an easy one. My colleague Zhamak Dehghani has trod this road several times and has distilled her experiences, together with those of our other colleagues, into a brief guide to help fellow travelers on the path.


Martin Fowler
24 April 2018

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Durras Lake Discovery Trail

Durras Lake Discovery Trail blog
23 April 2018

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Pebbly Beach

Pebbly Beach blog
23 April 2018

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O que é o método Lean Inception

Lean Inception é o nome dado ao workshop colaborativo para alinhar um grupo de pessoas sobre o produto mínimo viável a ser construído. Tipicamente um grupo de pessoas vai começar a trabalhar em um produto digital. Vários podem ser os motivos para se trabalhar em um produto digital: Alguém investiu na sua startup e você […]

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Paulo Caroli
23 April 2018

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Three Common Mistakes of the First Time Tech Lead

The first time a developer steps into the role of a Tech Lead can be difficult. The skills and experience of a seasoned developer do not automatically translate into the skills necessary for the Tech Lead role. In fact, some of the habits of a developer can do more harm than good, when not applied […]

22 April 2018

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[novidade] Jogos 360 na Editora Caroli

O magnífico livro Jogos 360: um guia incrível de jogos e dicas para facilitadores do Jorge Audy, agora na sua 2ª edição está disponível na Editora Caroli. Adoro livros que te ajudam com ideias para facilitação e adoro o trabalho do Jorge Audy. Por isso, eu te recomendo esse livro. Um excelente material de apoio […]

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Paulo Caroli
19 April 2018

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[Q&A] Como validar se o MVP está alinhado a real expectativa e necessidade do usuário final?

Pergunta: Estamos iniciando as nossas aplicações do modelo Lean Inception, e até o momento o modelo se mostrou uma excelente alternativa para priorização de implementações no nosso produto, alinhando melhorias com o negócio e objetivos específicos. Mas tenho uma dúvida interessante: como validar se o MVP está alinhado a real expectativa e necessidade do cliente/usuário […]

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Paulo Caroli
17 April 2018

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Essence of Testing - A new beginning

In my career so far, I have been very fortunate to have got great mentors, and a variety of opportunities to learn, add value, and share my experiences with others around me.

Here are some of these experiences:
  • Worked in various sized organisations across the globe in the past couple of decades
  • The teams have been big and small
  • Played a variety of roles - Quality Analyst, SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test), Product Quality Engineer (PQE), Automation Engineer, Consultant, Coach, Project Manager, Director - Quality, Support Engineer, etc.
  • Worked with teams having products in different domains - Health care, (Anand Bagmar)
16 April 2018

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API Testing with Rest Assured - Validating the json schema

Sometimes you would get a json response while testing web applications. To make sure that all fields are present, but at the same time keeping the tests generic, you might write something like this given below.(although, a newbie way of writing tests)

    public void verifyResponseByValidatingPresenceOfAllFields() {
                param("product", "HomeLoan").
                param("fromHomeLoanId", -100).
       … (Manoj Tharayil)
12 April 2018

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Por onde começar o MVP?

Essa é a pergunta de ouro! Conseguir que um grupo de pessoas, com conhecimento e habilidades distintas, decida isso não é nada fácil. Essa é a proposta do workshop de Lean Inception: ajudar o grupo de participantes a alinhar e decidir sobre o MVP. O Yoris Linhares escreveu este excelente artigo no Medium onde ele […]

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Paulo Caroli
10 April 2018

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