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Visual validation - The Missing Tip of the Automation Pyramid

At yet-another-vodQA at ThoughtWorks, this time in the Pune edition on 16th March 2019, I spoke about Visual validation - The Missing Tip of the Automation Pyramid


The Test Automation Pyramid is not a new concept. The top of the pyramid is our UI / end-2-end functional tests - which should cover the breadth of the product.

What the functional tests cannot capture though, is the aspects of UX validations that can only be seen and in some cases, captured by the human eye. This is where the new buzzwords of AI & ML can truly help. (Anand Bagmar)
16 March 2019

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What hypergrowth is like at N26

It’s an understatement to say that N26 is experiencing hypergrowth. In August 2017, we had 450,000 customers. We now have more than 2.3 million customers, with many more joining everyday. We’ve almost quadrupled the number of people in tech in that very same time. It is my first experience of working in a hypergrowth company […]

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13 March 2019

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Goodbye CTO, Hello Chief Scientist

What was the Challenge? Hypergrowth land is fun. Things change all the time. My challenge as a CTO was to shake-up the early-stage startup “snowglobe.” It was to transform “start-up” habits into a “scale-up” culture. It was to prepare and launch into hypergrowth. I took on this challenge because I saw the kernel of engineering […]

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10 March 2019

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Projeto Cancelado Após Lean Inception por Thulio Ultramari

Projeto Cancelado Após Lean Inception. Esse é o tema do excelente artigo e relato do Thulio Ultramari. Leia o artigo aqui.   Eu já passei por isso antes: o projeto é cancelado após a Lean Inception.   E isso é muito bom!   Pare de gastar tempo, dinheiro e recurso criando o produto errado!   […]

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Paulo Caroli
8 March 2019

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Lean Inception e o telefone roxo (suporte)

Segue uma pergunta sobre time que faz suporte e a participação de todos na Lean Inception. Pergunta: “se eu tenho uma equipe que precisa manter o produto e ao mesmo tempo inovar qual seria a melhor forma de atuar na Inception visto que não é possível levar a equipe toda para ficar 5 dias (sem […]

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Paulo Caroli
7 March 2019

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Bliki: LockInCost

In my recent client engagement, I foresaw that serverless architecture was a perfect fit. The idea of adopting serverless architecture, though, didn’t fly to our client well due to the fear of vendor lock-in. It was an interesting time for retailers as staying in AWS might mean that Amazon, as another retail business, will be given a competitive advantage. Given the idea of not supporting a competitor, my client was interested to ensure that the solution chosen by us is fully portable to other cloud vendors.

From a technical perspective, ensuring that we have the ability to move our system…

Wisen Tanasa
5 March 2019

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When everything is a priority

There was a time when learning css one of my friends told me a clever hack, use the ‘!important’ flag which will override all the other precedences. It was a boon for me when deadline was screaming down at me, for any css issue when I used the priority override and bam the bug was […]

Vinod Kumaar R
4 March 2019

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Books I’ve Been Reading (Jan/Feb 2019)

I started reading a lot more fiction last year, although I still read enough non-fiction. I picked up the habit of reading on my kindle and thought I’d share some of the non-fiction books I read. Who Moved My Cheese (Johnson Spencer & Kenneth H. Blanchard) My excellent colleague and great friend, Georgie Smallwood reminded […]

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3 March 2019

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The Obsession with Metrics

In recent decades, what I call “metric fixation” has engulfed an ever-widening range of institutions: businesses, government, health care, K-12 education, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations. It comes with its own vocabulary and master terms. It affects the way that people talk and think about the world and how they act in it. And it is often profoundly wrongheaded and counterproductive.

Metric fixation consists of a set of interconnected beliefs. The first is that it is possible and desirable to replace judgment with numerical indicators of comparative performance based on standardized data. The second is that making such metrics… (Ross Pettit)
1 March 2019

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What is machine learning/artificial intelligence? (Gitanjali)
26 February 2019

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The whole should be greater than the sum of the parts

Too often I run into people who are way too concerned about velocity in software development and do a lot of math jugglery to make a plan look great to them and their bosses. The task breakdown in software development projects are empirical, it is not that scientific enough to drill it down to plain […]

Vinod Kumaar R
24 February 2019

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Fixing attribute completion in Emacs nxml-mode

I write most pages on this website in an XML format source file, and use emacs to edit those sources. I’m very happy with how nxml-mode works with prose-style XML, making it much more usable than other environments seem to be. But recent changes (with emacs 26.1, IIRC) put a bit of grit into the environment.


Martin Fowler
20 February 2019

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Transformação não tem atalho!

Transformação. A palavra da moda. Transformação ágil, transformação organizacional, transformação digital, transformação lean… e por aí vai. Eu estou preocupado com esse modismo. Desde que comecei a trabalhar, percebi que estamos em constante transformação. Todas pessoas, equipes, áreas e empresas estão constantemente se transformando. E todos sempre buscam melhorias na direção daquilo que almejam (mais […]

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Paulo Caroli
19 February 2019

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Java date-time timezone formats

Java has excellent date-time formatting with the arrival of java.time (JSR310) in Java 8. I point out that release as it came with a usable, safe API. (Let us never speak of Calendar again).

However, I never recall how to format timezone. There are so many options and it is easy to get is "almost right", but not exactly right.


I'd like to append a "Z" character on the end of a UTC timestamp. OK, let's look at the options, showing only those for timezone/offset:

Symbol Meaning Presentation Examples
V time-zone ID zone-id America/Los_Angeles; Z; -08:30
v generic

Brian Oxley
18 February 2019

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[eBook Lean Inception] Gratuito para instituições de ensino

Muito obrigado aos professores e todas pessoas envolvidas nas instituições de ensino. Graças ao seu empenho e trabalho eu e várias outras pessoas adquirimos conhecimento e vivência para progredir nas nossas vidas profissionais. Se hoje eu tenho um livro de sucesso, saiba que você é parte fundamental dessa conquista. Como um gesto de agradecimento, eu […]

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Paulo Caroli
15 February 2019

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[Lean Inception] Estimativa versus realidade, tamanho de projeto e mitigação de risco

Segue mais uma série de perguntas e respostas sobre o livro Lean Inception. Pergunta: No workshop Lean Inception consegue-se definir o tamanho do projeto, ou seja, determinar uma estimativa para ele? Se sim, é comum que essa estimativa não esteja de acordo com a realidade? Como posso mitigar esse risco para que eu não forneça […]

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Paulo Caroli
20 February 2019

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Talks and workshops in Agile India 2019

In the upcoming Agile India 2019 in Bangalore, I will be speaking about:

If you have not yet registered, you can use this code to get a discount on your registration - anand-10di$c-agile 

In addition, there are some great pre and post conference workshops as well. I will be participating in "Facilitating for Effective Collaboration...One Nudge at a Time" workshop - conducted by Deborah Hartmann Preuss and Ellen Grove

This is going to be one amazing conference to learn, network and share ideas and experiences. See you there!

. (Anand Bagmar)
14 February 2019

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Podcast on Serendipitous Events published

At the last meeting of the Doppler group, where we create the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, my colleagues Evan, Neal, Zhamak and myself had a discussion about "serendipitous events". This is the idea of publishing events without knowing whether anyone will consume them, in the hope to create moments of serendipity, where someone discovers information in the enterprise that they can use to create new value. It's an intriguing idea that is too complex to fit the short description we can put on the radar.

erik doernenburg
10 February 2019

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[livro Lean Inception] Agradecimentos

O tempo vai passando e as coisas boas vão acontecendo. Às vezes, não paro para agradecer. Então esse post é para agradecer a você por todo apoio ao livro Lean Inception. Obrigado a todos que leram, usaram e compartilharam comentários sobre a Lean Inception, o conteúdo evoluiu devido ao ótimo feedback e às experiências compartilhadas. […]

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Paulo Caroli
11 February 2019

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Test Automation in the World of AI and ML

My article on "Test Automation in the World of AI & ML" recently got published on InfoQ.

Here are the key takeaways mentioned in the article -

  • There are many criteria to be considered before building framework / selecting tools for Functional Test Automation
  • It is very important to prioritise framework / tools capabilities needed for the software-under-test
  • A good, scalable Test Automation Framework that provides fast and reliable feedback to the team enables collaboration and CI/CD
  • Debugging / RCA (root cause analysis) and support for libraries / tools used is an afterthought in most cases. Do (Anand Bagmar)
11 February 2019

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