Data Mesh: Unlocking Data Value in the Enterprise

Over the past decade, businesses have invested heavily in "big data" projects, only to find many of those investments failing to deliver their promised value. Our experience shows that this low return on investment results from a pattern present in businesses of all sizes and in all industries; namely, centralized data ownership, which creates organizational and technical bottlenecks which throttle the pace at which value from data can be timely delivered.

In this webinar Emily Gorcenski and Arif Wider from Thoughtworks Germany present the Data Mesh concept as a technical and organizational solution to this problem and explore how reshaping our thinking about data can finally allow us to tap the full value stream of our data assets.

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Arif Wider

Arif is a software engineering professor at HTW Berlin and a fellow technology consultant with Thoughtworks Germany, where he served as Head of Data & AI before moving back to academia. As a vital part of research, teaching, and consulting, he is passionate about distilling and distributing great ideas and concepts that emerge in the software engineering community. Arif is a frequent speaker at conferences and loves to bring together people with diverse areas of expertise such as data scientists and developers.

Emily Gorcenski

Emily Gorcenski is a Principal Data Scientist and Head of Data for Thoughtworks Germany. She has a background in research engineering and computational and applied mathematics. She works as a data and software engineer, developing and architecting data driven applications. Emily is a strong advocate for data journalism and has contributed research, materials, and expertise to multiple award-winning projects.

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