Revolutionary enterprises
Revolutionary enterprises

The speed at which emerging technologies are revolutionising industries is beyond fathomable; by the time companies observe, strategise and react, there is another new wave of disruption to tackle. Being responsive is not good enough, organisations need to be proactive! Staying ahead of the innovation cycles is crucial to build organisations with a sustainable future. This event explored how companies can drive perpetual evolution and be the creator of change.

Event Highlights

Revolutionary Enterprises

Watch the highlights from our Thoughtworks Live: Revolutionary Enterprises event in April 2019.

Barry O'Reilly

Entrepreneur, Advisor and Author, Barry O'Reilly discusses how organisations can drive perpetual innovation.

James Lewis

James, Thoughtworks Tech Director, explores the risks of organisations slowing down as they grow and mature.

Frances Dean

COO at blockchain-based energy consortium VAKT, Frances discusses the benefits and challenges of collaborating with other organisations.

Adam Vile

VAKT's CTO shares their experience of developing an enterprise level blockchain platform, and the pros and cons of blockchain for collaboration.

Kevin Flynn & Visa Subramaniam 

Thoughtworks' Retail Directors look at evolving business models, and ways for organisations to invent new revenue streams.