A responsive technology foundation is a defining quality of leading digital firms and fuels innovation throughout the entire enterprise. It can also be your ticket to exploring new channels for growth - taking the business in directions you might never have considered before. 

In the third instalment of the series, Responsive Digital Platform, our guest speakers shared stories about the responsive digital platforms that are changing the business world.


Digital Platforms: Shaping the economy, business and organisation of the future

Scott Shaw,Head of Technology, Thoughtworks

Zhamak Dehghani, Principal Consultant, Thoughtworks

The rise of the digital platforms is transforming the principles of economic growth, how businesses compete and organisations are formed; essentially reshaping the world we live, work, and play in. Scott and Zhamak will introduce the underpinning characteristics of a digital platform, explain why they both accelerate delivery within organisations as well as creating an ecosystem for positioning the organisation to compete and even shape the connected economy. They will describe the key differentiating approach in building a digital platform, the magic that happens at the intersection of product thinking, the technical pillars of the platform, and the organisational autonomy.

Achieving speed at scale through platforms

Tom Varsavsky, Chief Engineer, REA Group

As a fast-growing digital business, REA has maintained a startup mentality as they have matured. Small delivery teams still work closely with the business to build, own and operate their own technology solutions. While this approach has helped REA grow and be flexible, they continue to look for new ways to leverage commonality and achieve economies of scale across the organisation. Tom will share the story behind the development of Colab, a branded platform of technology components that can be shared across the business. Treating this platform as a product helps executives and product managers, as well as developers, understand and embrace the REA technology strategy.

Responsive digital platform

Rajay Rai, Head of Applied Innovation, Macquarie Banking and Financial Services Group

With consumer expectations continually evolving in Australia's competitive retail banking market, Macquarie has focussed on transforming its digital banking experience to offer customers personalised and intuitive features that are firsts in Australian banking. In 2017 Macquarie launched Australia's first open banking platform which gives customers control over their everyday banking data and the power to securely manage how they want to share it. Macquarie's open platform leverages Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which allows approved third party providers to connect into their offered services and experiences. Rajay will share his experience in the technologies and strategy used in building an open digital platform to enable the organisation to rapidly adapt its digital services in a world of constant change.

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