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We are a community of technologists. A community that is passionate about learning, and sharing what we learn. A community that nurtures and celebrates talent, irrespective of gender, background and any bias. As ThoughtWorkers, we have equal opportunities to grow, share our ideas and even re-invent ourselves.

In that spirit, here we share the stories of some of our talented technologists, from developers to designers - because not every techie writes code. Go on, read their stories and get inspired.

Dr. Rebecca Parsons

Webinar: I'm a Technologist, Not a Female Technologist

ThoughtWorks CTO Dr. Rebecca Parsons and Dr. Susan Davis-Ali, Senior Director of Organizational Transformation Programs at the Anita Borg Institute spoke on what it means to be a technologist today and how it’s important to work together to make tech a more inclusive place for all.

Using her personal stories as examples, Dr. Parsons highlighted why it is important for women to support each other along this journey, while Dr. Davis-Ali shared powerful tips on how women can be more confident at the workplace.

Thanks to those who tuned in. And if you missed it, don’t worry. Watch this space for the recording.

Birgitta Böckeler

Birgitta Böckeler

"Since I first discovered how to talk to computers, I haven't been able to stop. I love to juggle the complexities of building software, and finding the simplicity in it.

At ThoughtWorks, I'm continuously challenged to think differently about tech and the world. I've researched the history of software developers and have been sharing my findings, hoping to change people's perceptions.

Xia Jie Jessie

Xia Jie Jessie

"When I joined ThoughtWorks China in 2005, we were a start-up of six people.

Now, China is 900 people strong and, after learning every aspect of software delivery and pushing myself out of my comfort zone countless times, I am Managing Director of our Singapore business."

Nayana Udipi

Nayana Udupi

"As a transwoman in India, I have battled with discrimination my whole life. I’ve found it difficult to find a job and establish a career, despite working hard to get qualifications.

After some time living on the streets, with the support of the transcommunity and ThoughtWorks, I am now a designer. I'm telling my story to encourage other transgender people who are facing adversity."

Chimwemwe Sichali

Vered Netzer

"My background is an unusual mix of life as a Major in the military and 14 years of working with startups. All my experiences make me the leader I am today.

At ThoughtWorks, I try to lead, inspire and empower teams to be creative, innovative and fulfill their potential while having fun. It’s like creating a kind of Disneyland for developers."

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She Reinvented Herself. So Can You.
My career began in the non-profit sector, tackling family violence. I worked as a writer, then a DJ, which brought me to the world of tech startups. Looking for ways to bring together my interests - product and design, lean approaches and social good, I found ThoughtWorks. When I'm not crafting tech products for clients, I'm agitating to improve our business and our industry for marginalized groups.
Roseanne Malfucci

Winner of the 2016 Top Companies for Women Technologists Program

Take a minute to watch Rebecca Parsons give the acceptance speech at the Grace Hopper conference.

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