The Responsive Organization

A great strategy is just that, a strategy. 

Without a bias for action and making sure the activities of the company align to execution of the strategy, it's only a thought exercise.

Responsiveness is the new reality. Transparency and visibility are the new must-haves for leaders. Exploration and adoption of emergent technologies are the new norm.

Planning is not enough. To compete, you have to rapidly respond to the changing needs and expectations of your customers. Winning requires alignment of the whole organization to value, from budgeting and investment allocation, marketing, people development to software delivery.

Do you have what it takes to thrive?

Outpace the competition

Build organizational agility through continuous learning, experimentation and feedback. Adapt faster to thrive.

Get more bang for your buck

Optimize investment allocation and monitoring decisions to get more value from your finite resources and manage risk.

Work better, together

Unlock the capability of your people with a new operating model that evolves how you work together to adapt and respond to fierce competition and attract and retain the best talent .

A blueprint for a Responsive Organisation
A blueprint for a Responsive Organisation

Adaptive leadership

New leadership behaviors are needed to unlock and maximize the value your teams create. A modern organization requires tech at core leadership, a unique blend of business sensing and technical aptitude needed to lead a strategy to success. Transformation is difficult, and your teams need leaders who are prepared for the challenge.

Value-driven portfolio management

An operating model that maximizes value with outcome-based strategy, lightweight governance & planning and value-based prioritization.

Organizational design

A responsive organization requires all the parts of the enterprise to be nimble. Organizational design techniques align teams to deliver business outcomes and minimize inter-team dependencies. Whether you are building new products using emergent technologies, a new digital platform for acceleration and scale, or optimizing your existing suite of technologies, our goal is to enable fast adoption and recovery, removing the friction that prevents teams from delivering customer value.

The lean change approach

The software development ecosystem is constantly changing, with a constant stream of innovation in tools, frameworks and techniques. Enable architecture to change over time while protecting your most important architectural characteristics.

Our Work

New Internationalist

How can we secure our financial future? New Internationalist is using a lean portfolio approach to prioritize key business initiatives and help with problem-solving throughout the organization.


The insurance industry is changing rapidly. IAG looked to adapt its operations, taking a lean transformation approach, which meant simplifying processes and systems, and optimizing resources to be more efficient.

How We Work

We are creating better ways for enterprises to transform themselves through technology - empowering them to grow with courage and confidence. Through this work, we’ve come to value the following:

Delivering value to customers

over measuring completion of outputs

A bias for fast learning and action

over extended research and analysis

Diverse perspectives from the front line

over the opinions of a few

Accountability for outcomes with an emphasis on integrating strategy and technical excellence

over multi-year strategies and theorizing

Working through ambiguity by sensing and responding over predicting and planning

We are your digital transformation partner.

We aim to remove the constraints that limit an organization’s potential.

Enabling Sustainable Transformation

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Global Advisory Lead


Increasing business agility through lean transformation

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General Manager, Customer Delivery


5 Key Tips for Building a Responsive Organisation

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