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React Testing Library

Nov 2019

The JavaScript world moves pretty fast, and as we gain more experience using a framework our recommendations change. The React Testing Library is a good example of a framework that with deeper usage has eclipsed the alternatives to become the sensible default when testing React-based frontends. Our teams like the fact that tests written with this framework are less brittle than with alternative frameworks such as Enzyme because you're encouraged to test component relationships individually as opposed to testing all implementation details.

Apr 2019

As the pace of change in JavaScript frameworks has slowed, our teams have more time to work with specific frameworks and are gaining deeper insights as a result. With React and the dominant testing framework, Enzyme, we've observed a worrying trend of unit tests becoming tightly coupled to implementation details without providing — because the focus is on shallow details — much confidence that features work as expected. These unit tests make evolving the design difficult and they shift too much responsibility up the test pyramid to functional testing. This has made us revisit the idea of subcutaneous testing. Additionally, because of its design, Enzyme has issues trying to keep up with React's development. All this has pushed us toward assessing react-testing-library as a new framework for testing React applications.